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Heart Attack Myths

Heart Attack Myths And
The Missing X Factor
Deepak Chopra had an excellent article on his website that should be discussed and talked about more in our society.  The article, Heart Attack Myths And the Missing X Factor, is one that I feel is a must read.  Sometimes I get pretty hard on the medical establishment and I'm sure that I have turned many people off at times with what I write.  However, the paradigms that we follow when it comes to healthcare are often not based upon as much truth as we are led to believe.  There is a place for modern medicine but I wish that the establishment would dump their paradigms.  We would all be better off as a result.

In the article, Deepak Chopra makes some very valid points.  One such point is that many conditions are hard to treat because people identify with or latch on to the wrong cure.  If you need any evidence, look at the explosion of pharmaceutical companies, the dollar amounts we pay for medications and medical care, and then compare it to the overall state of health in our country.  If all of these practices worked like they are advertised, we would be much healthier in our country than we are at this point.  Our health care costs are skyrocketing and yet we are not making progress when it comes to these health conditions in our society.

What is advertised about heart attacks and cholesterol is different than what we have been taught.  No, I'm not a medical physician that can state facts here, but I'm talking more about what I have learned for my own life.  Health conditions that we see show up are more a function of what is happening in our inner core, not something we get or our genetics dictates or that current trends lead us to believe is inevitable.  Yes, you can disagree with me if you want, but this is what I have found to be true in my own life.

At one point, I had so many health problems that I thought my life was doomed.  I come from a family who struggle with all kinds of health issues.  I thought it was inevitable that I would function in the same way.  I can honestly say that my life is much better now that I have healed from the inside out.  My awareness is so much different and I can see the power I hold within (like every human has) to heal our self and keep our self healthy.  Conditions that show up in our body are more a function of what is going on inside of us, rather than something we have no control over.

I urge you to read Deepak Chopra's article on heart attacks because he offers some very good scientific fact and reasoning regarding heart attacks and cholesterol usage and the missing x factor.  If you take anything away from this blog post, please understand that what we think is the truth in medicine is not always the truth.

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  1. I know at times doctors seem to come up with any name of any condition that sounds medical. It is like they don't have the answer but feel they must make one up to appease some person. Very enlightening article.






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