Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Release And Then Relax

Glass Of Water
Release And Then Relax
Imagine a glass full of water sitting on a table.  If you try to add more water to it, it will over flow.  If you try to add the water all at once, most likely you will splash some of the original water leaving you with less water in the glass then before.  However, if you want to add additional water to the glass, you need to drink some first.

Now imagine your body as the glass and you are trying to relax.  Relaxation is the water and so if you're nervous system is revved up too much, (or the glass is too full), it will be difficult to add much relaxation to your body or to feel relaxed.  Yes, you might do some relaxing things or enjoy some body work that is relaxing but the capacity for you to take it all in, is limited.  In order for you to replace the tension or stress in the body with relaxation, you will need to remove some of it first.  Once you remove it or release the tension and stress from the body, you have the opportunity for greater relaxation and peace.

Unfortunately, too many body workers, healers, and massage therapists, focus on putting more relaxation into a body that has no capacity to take it in.  In fact, many people out there going for treatment are looking for the quick and easy fix to relaxation, rather than creating greater capacity within their body for this.  While limited results may occur, the person being treated only gets so much benefit from the treatment.  Many modalities and healers claim that they just allow whatever to happen that needs to happen.  There is much truth to this, but there is also a blind spot in the mirror.

You see, if the nervous system is stretched to the limit, relaxation might help sedate it temporarily.  However, let's look at this from a different paradigm.  If you can take your body into a moment of connecting with the source of the tension and stress, then allow yourself to release this, the body now has greater resilience in the nervous system then it had before.  Sometimes going into the source of tension or stress in the body is not always easy or fun, it is a way to effect great change within the body.

Just by connecting the mind and body together as one, you will find a greater route of lasting change through awareness of the body.  Too many times we shy away from this approach in life for fear of what we may unearth.  We chase pretty rainbows and flashy neon signs that give us a temporary fix for what ails us.  If we take off our sunglasses and see the light of truth that we are looking at, we will be amazed at just how much more water we can add to the glass.

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