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Collective Unconsciousness In The US

Collective Unconsciousness
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I get more and more amazed these days at the collective unconsciousness of our country from the religious to the political to the medical and new age establishments. It almost feels like we are in a big shift but instead of moving forward, we've hit the gas pedal in reverse.

People seem to follow whatever is thrown before them these days. As they are fed morsels of words, phrases and opinions, everyone assumes these are the facts that prove a point or disprove other points. Polls are randomly conducted and so dis-configured that they hold little meaning. Yet, opinions, polls and pundits rule our day in dishing out the perceived facts to live by in our life.

Common Sense
No one appears to use common sense these days. Common sense seems to have vanished from thin air. It is replaced by a gullible acceptance of whatever is being said on that day by whoever people are listening to in that moment. No one stops to question any of it or if they do, their minds cannot comprehend the morsels of truth that float in and out of our collective unconsciousness.

Lack Of Creativity
The lack of creativity rules our creative moments. It reaks of our collective unconsciousness as we are entertained by electronic gadgets, reality TV and the attraction to advertisement commands of our day. We swallow what the retailers dictate to us just like we swallow the pretty packaged political news of the day.

Mind Body Connection Buzzword
The mind body connection becomes nothing more than a buzzword, a concept of something that makes us sound like we have achieved something others have not. It makes us feel important because we have arrived at some concept, rather than allow us to set our sights on the next milestone ahead in our journey. We follow ideas and leaders, not because they truly have what we need, but because we have hidden truth from our eyes. We are unconscious, yet we are unable to open our eyes and search for that which we seek.

Medical Procedures
Medical procedures, medications and knowledge take us out of our body and into the unconscious world of chasing rainbows. The system of greed that convinces us we have some medical condition that we should wear proudly on our sleeve, does very little to advance our healing. Yet, we swallow these things as if it is the last drop of water. Hopefully we will wake up before we realize that we are drinking the water from the desert mirage.

Waking Up
It is a collective unconsciousness that we operate from in the US and I'm sure throughout the world. It is not until we begin to wake up, open our eyes and embrace the truth, that we will begin to understand many things. The mind body connection is not about living your day immersed in happy thoughts that make you feel good, but by embracing each and every part of yourself.

It is not easy to go deep within when we fear that which haunts us, but unless we do this, we will never truly know what it means to be human. We will continue to follow mindlessly what society expects of us, as we drift along in life. We will continue to demand answers to our life, while at the same time rejecting anything that doesn't fit our preconceived idea of what it should look like. We will follow everything known to this earth, but yet still be unconscious because we have not opened our eyes.

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