Saturday, December 3, 2011

Intuition Comes From The Heart
In the movie, I Am, produced by Tom Shadyack, the HeartMath Institute was one of the featured organizations in the film. They are doing some wonderful research in the area of the heart and the connection to our mind. There is a great deal we do not understand about our heart and the mind body connection. I am happy to see an institute like this focus time, energy, and money on this part of our human existence.

In a recent study, the HeartMath Institute found that the heart picks up intuitive information a second or more quicker than the brain. Intuition or a pre-stimulus response can be identified and measured within the body.

Using a research method of gambling, one of the points measured was heart rate variability. Heart rate variability is the difference between heart beats. Employing a roulette wheel, the participants were told that they were doing a gambling study and the goal was to win as much money as possible.

Researchers found that the post bet win/loss response was evident 12 to 14 seconds before the result was made known to the participant. They do note that this is an earlier response than most documented research has shown. However, like the other trials, there is a pre-stimulus or intuition response.

In addition to this research, they also tested the effect of the moon's full moon and new moon stages. In their research, they found that a full moon had a slightly higher win ratio of 52% versus 48% during new moon stages. In addition, more money was lost during a new moon period ($20.15) versus a full moon period ($7.74).

People always talk about the "gut feeling" they have when experiencing various events in life or making major decisions. I often listen to my gut feeling and I use it in making decisions. If the decision is not one that is good, I often know it in my gut long before my brain sorts through the facts. This is dependent upon the listening to my body, rather than being shut off from my body. Even during moments where I pick up on things that may not be safe in my surroundings, it always comes from that "gut feeling" which is translated to my brain.

I can't help but think of the natives in Thailand who fled the coast before the Tsunami struck. They listened to "something" within their body that told them danger was coming and to get to higher ground. No one had to tell them, because they were already connected to their body and the world around them.

I find it amazing that the body has so much more potential and capability than we tap into. We hunker down in our corners of life thinking we know all there is too know. Yet, the more we learn, the more we realize just how much we don't know. As the show, X Files, states, "The Truth Is Out There", but we must go and find it.

Intuition is alive in us, but I believe we are so wrapped up with the daily stress of our lives and we misdirect where our attention is placed, that we fail to connect with intuition. So much of what we need for our day and our lives is within us, but because of being asleep, we go searching in places that will not give us what we so badly need. My hope is that this study will help people to awake more to the potential we have, rather than where we are at in this moment.

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