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Modern Medical Paradigms

An Apple A Day
In an article, An Apple A Day, by Andrea Zeelie, posted on, I have to take issue with the author's conclusion.  While Andrea Zeelie does post some relevant pieces of information and discussion points, I feel that her own paradigms limit her conclusions. 

Like so many others on the internet, the name of Steve Jobs is being used in all types of articles and websites as if everyone knows Steve Jobs personally.  I realize that this is how the internet world works, but I don't agree that this is what is always best for our society and culture.  Of course history will render its verdict after years have elapsed.

On to the article and important stuff - Andrea Zeelie claims that if Steve Jobs would have listened to the medical establishment and followed normal procedure, that he would most likely still be alive today.  In her claims, alternative medicine does little to heal people unlike the practices of modern medicine.  This is exactly what is missing in this world when it comes to health care.  We burrow down in our own area of expertise and claim that anything outside of that will do very little to help heal the body.  When we go to our respective corners of our own beliefs, we limit the potential of the human race.  Unfortunately, far too many do not even comprehend that they operate from a set of derived beliefs rather than a truth based system.

No one can say that Steve Jobs made the right choice.  We can only surmise what the best course of treatment for Steve Jobs was because there is just no way for us to know.  It isn't like we can go back and try the other option to know for sure.  You're right that there is a good chance surgery would have helped but again, there is no way to test that hypothesis on Steve Jobs.

Often in physical health conditions there is much more at play than viewing the body through a set of modern day medical paradigms.  In our culture, we often fail to see what we can do for our body rather than what combinations work together.  I don't believe for one minute that there is no way to cure disease through "other methods" (not necessarily new age alternative methods).  I believe the body, the mind and the potential to heal people are much more than we currently understand.  We may not all have found these methods that work but that does not mean they do not exist.

While there are some examples of modern medicine helping to heal a body, there are so many examples where modern medicine just puts a band aid on the condition by rushing to surgery, medicine or procedures that do not stand the test of truth based research.  Yet, we as a culture rush to them because the medical establishment is supposed to know what is best.  Our health care costs have risen dramatically and we are no more healthy in this country than we were many years ago.  One has to ask, where are we failing in healthcare and until we honestly answer this question, life will continue just the way it is now.

In all things, each person has to decide for themselves what is the best course of action.  Take the advice of your doctor and health care providers and then apply it to your life in the way you feel is correct, just don't blind yourself by paradigms and beliefs.  I cannot tell you and this post is not meant to tell you what is best for you.  It's only purpose is to help open your eyes to other potential treatments that may be available.  I'm not even advocating new age or alternative treatments but the possibility that there is much more than modern science even understands.  Sometimes linking up with those who see the body differently can give you greater possibility than just following a set of modern medical paradigms.

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