Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sweat Lodge, James Arthur Ray and Common Sense

James Arthur Ray
Sentenced To Prison
I'm torn on both sides of this issue, but yet I'll be the first to admit, I don't know all of the facts.  I normally don't follow trials whether it is Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony or James Arthur Ray.  I figure I have better things to do with my time than get sucked into the energy of these trials.  Most of the time, they tend to be more of a media circus than anything.

Why am I torn on this?  Well, just as the judge talked about in the sentencing today, common sense was not employed on the part of the participants or the people in charge.  I'm not sure how else you can state that because those in charge seemed to ignore basic concerns and those in attendance did not have the courage to listen to their body or understand what their body was telling them.  If one individual would have stood up and said, "No, I'm not going to continue this" or "this should stop", than the outcome might have been different.  Yes, the person might have been ostracized by the collective group for going against what was being done, but it may very likely have changed the course of events.  

One part that I really agree with the judge on is that when you have the charisma and following that James Arthur Ray does, it carries with it a heavy burden of responsibility.  I'm sure his intentions started out great in the beginning and somewhere along the way, something got missed.  Reality either got forgotten or the ego grew too large and only James Arthur Ray will be able to answer that fully.

To me, there is a much larger picture in all of these events.  Trying to discover consciousness is necessary for our growth as individuals, but we need to do it with a sense of reality and common sense.  These new age practices that give you an "emotional high" for a brief time, need to be questioned, not accepted as if they are the truth.  Often times, the truth is not as it is presented.  Again, I know James Arthur Ray had great intentions and many good things to teach, but somewhere along the way, all of this got derailed.

People often crawl to the mirage in the dessert thinking there is water to drink, instead of first testing that which they see, to determine if it is truly water.  Even if it appears to be water at first, one must continually question and seek knowledge and understanding, not just become blind followers of purported truth.  I have seen people from all walks of life do this.  It is sad when you see it taking place because the individual is not even open enough to see it.  No matter how much you try to tell them, they are set in their ways of following the truth as it is dished out to them.

I hope that James Arthur Ray and his followers will awaken and see the greater truth in all of this.  Denying our body as a human is never an option to sustain our life or to evolve.  It is within the body that our truth will be found.  Giving up our truth to others, is like holding our breath indefinitely.  Neither moment will push us forward.  It is only through personal experience, reality, common sense and questioning everything about our life, will we find who we really are and what we are meant to be.

The answers we all seek are not out in some Abundance Course, or in the teachings of a new age person, or a church or other people.  The answers for our lives come from within.  They are experienced and felt within the physical body.  It is more than a momentary emotional release and much more than a meditative experience.  When you touch that deep place within your physical body, it is then that you will have touched the inner part of your being.

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