Friday, November 4, 2011

Hugging Gets Student Suspended In Florida

Our Cats Hugging,
Corey & Topanga
Seeing a headline story today that students in a Brevard County Florida school were suspended after they were caught hugging just blows my mind!  My first reaction other than shock, is that fighting and bullying go on all day long with very little done, but yet touching or hugging is the bad thing and causes someone to be suspended.  Am I the only one that sees how messed up this is in our society?

Yes, I am aware that students can do sexual movements in the disguise of hugging, but isn't a suspension just a little drastic?  Does it not send the wrong message?  After all, if parents modeled good behavior in their life, children would most likely imitate this behavior.  Maybe it would be possible for our society, our communities and our schools to stop the mind and thought control and instead teach our children how to make good choices.  Give them the tools rather than just the rules!

Touch is one of the most basic elements of human interaction.  Our body needs to receive it and we need to give touch to others.  If we create rules to stop this behavior, we will turn humans into robots.  In fact, we might as well replace the human civilization with robots because without touch, we are no longer human.

Yes, touch or hugging can turn into inappropriate public displays.  However, we need to learn and understand what healthy touch is all about.  Healthy touch and hugging can get someone through a difficult day or let them know how special they are in this world.  A healthy touch or hug can change someone's life and bring about healing in ways we cannot imagine.

We as a society and human civilization are hurting one another when we demonize behavior such as hugging.  Instead of bringing people together, we create a gap in human relationships.

Healthy hugging and touching physically and biologically help the body release chemicals that help us deal with stress and tension in our life.  To the body, it is a normal process that yields many health benefits and should not be disrupted because of our own insecurities and fears.  Let us evolve and grow as humans, not by mind and thought control, but through the healthy touch and hugging from one heart of a conscious human to another.

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