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Just Get Over It

Just Get Over It
I'm sure we have heard the following phrase at some point in our life whether it was at home in our family growing up, or in society through our job or social contacts.  If you haven't heard the phrase, "Just get over it", then you're one of the lucky few.

All too often when people go through extraordinary circumstances that are challenging, it isn't easy to move past those moments.  It takes time and it takes a lot of courage to get your life back.  Unfortunately people who are triggered by the stories of others or are just oblivious to what another person is going through, comes out in the way of this very insensitive remark, just get over it!

When confronted with threats and traumatic experiences, animals have the ability to fight back or escape whereas humans usually cannot do this.  In our civilized society, we are taught that we just move on in life after some experience has taken place and stuff our feelings and emotions deep inside of us.  If you're a male in our society, I think it is more difficult because men are supposed to be in control, show little emotion and just be strong.  To be seen in any other way is to be considered weak.  I'm sure females have similar experiences, but since I'm not female I cannot speak to that consideration.

It is important to note that in animals, they often take time to stop, process, feel, and shake off the experience of the threat or the traumatic experience.  This keeps them from getting caught in the freeze response which prevents them from allowing these experiences to build up over time like humans do.  When humans are not able to fully discharge the fight or flight response of the threat, this remaining energy is then stored in the body and locked in the cells. Until this energy is discharged from the body, it remains in a cycle trying to find an exit.

By the time we get ready to think about discharging the after shocks of the experience, fear has already set into our body and it is controlling the decisions we make as well as how we view the situation.  It is an automatic thing that happens, especially if you are not a conscious individual with a very healthy nervous system.  When fear takes over, it views the experience in an altered state where facts become distorted and timelines are blurred.  It alters our reality and numbs our body to all that is going on in our life, including pain and joy.

The only way you can discharge the energy that is stored in your body is by going into it, moving past the fear and awakening to the power you have within yourself.  The more you follow society's advice of "just get over it", the more you are sentencing yourself to a life of chronic pain and health conditions that are never ending.  The more you stuff these experiences deep inside of you, the more you numb your body out to the point where you can barely feel a thing.  When your body attempts to get your attention time and time again, and you continue to ignore it, the body then kicks things up within you, until you wake up.

Just get over it, is about as damaging to human peace and freedom as we can get in this world.  We fail to understand why there is so much pain and misery, yet we force members of this society to numb out and act as if these body responses don't exist.  We will never find peace until we go deep within to our mind body connection, and discover the fragmented parts of ourself that hold the power to reclaiming all life has for us.  It is a process, but it can either be a process of numbing, or one of awareness.  The choice is up to each individual for each and every moment of our life.

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