Tuesday, January 22, 2013

When Healers Miss The Big Picture

Every new age spiritual enlightened person out there most likely would easily agree that healing does not come from humans.  It comes from a power greater than ourselves.  Each one might have a different name or terminology for what brings forth healing, but I'm almost certain that everyone agree it does not come from any particular individual.

Of course, when you look at many modalities, healing practices and organizations, anything but what I just wrote becomes the truth.  Usually no one will admit it or even acknowledge that it happens within them or their group.  There is a blind eye that is turned towards the truth.  Although it remains an unspoken thing within individuals and groups, it is present.

All too often in the bodywork field we build up organizations and put certification procedures in place.  While that may sound like a worthwhile cause and justifiable at the time of its creation, it often comes from a place that is not as pure and conscious as the individual would hope that it does. It may start out with good intentions, but at some point it degrades into the human ego making decisions and forming committees to take care of man-made issues that arise.

At some point an organization or individual may realize that in order to validate the healing work that they do, procedures need to be put in place.  In many ways this is admirable, but more often than not this process goes awry.  Soon humans are evaluating other humans and passing judgements based upon factors outside of their consciousness.  As time goes, more procedures are put in place to help balance the process out, but of course they are made up by individuals who are judging what needs to happen.  At the end of the day, more committees and procedures reflect very little, how the initial process that begun with the healing modality.

As time continues, these same individuals and groups now need to support an organization that validates their work and thought processes, but of course doing this  does not come cheaply.  Fees and dues are enacted to determine which person or persons are officially part of that group.  Attached to the fees and dues are additional rules and procedures that each member must meet in order to be included or rejected.  Again, it is another level of the human ego making decisions while losing site of the original goal of healing that started the entire process.

At the end of the day, the healing process begins to lose its validity and focus because everything is based upon high costs in the several thousand dollar range for training, to all the procedures and legal issues that each person must follow.  It becomes a human made entity rather than a healing modality that is there to serve people.

There are so many modalities out there that believe they are the chosen ones or that only they are the ones that can pass something down from one person to another.  These same people forget and lose site that healing does not come from one human to another, but from a power greater than ourselves.  Yes, you can make believe that it does, but it doesn't make it so.  The ego loves control and power and it will achieve these means in any way that it can while disguising how spiritual and healing it may be.

So many of these same healing modalities get caught up in how the work should be done, that they lose site of what the truth is in their healing work.  What is more important is that you embrace that which you were given as a healer and do this work, rather than trying to do the work of someone else.  Yes, you can learn from many people, but at the end of the day I firmly believe that you need to find your own way.  It isn't about spending thousands of dollars to buy into someone's belief system, but of opening yourself up without judgement to a person who needs help awakening their own consciousness.

Anything that departs from this endeavor needs to be evaluated with the greatest degree of critical thought, because more than likely the healer is getting off course.  Healing does not come from another human or a group of individuals or an organization.  Healing comes from something greater than ourselves when we enter that sacred space with another individual without judgement, holding pure love, acceptance and respect for another.  It happens when we as a healer have gone in and healed our self, not when we give lip service that we have.

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