Thursday, January 17, 2013

Walk The Talk

Walk The Talk
There are far too many things on the internet and in real every day life that just aren't what they claim they are.  You know the places that talk the talk, but don't walk the talk!  I'm not probably telling you something you don't already know, but in the new age movement, there is so much of this.  Granted, I probably write about things on here that some people just roll their eyes or quit reading.  Of course, that is each person's choice to do that, but if we all just absorb that which we agree with, will we ever move beyond our current place in life?

Recently, I was visiting a webpage that talked about love. At first, I thought they did walk the talk, but I soon found out that they just practiced doing talk the talk.  While I didn't necessarily agree with all of what the writer said, it was often something good to think about in a day.  I try to find the nugget of gold within stuff, even if it is something you want to roll your eyes at.  I think the individual that is writing this website page honestly wants to be real, but unfortunately the people running his site are way too thin skinned or are so fragile that they cannot accept anything but those that praise them.  It is sad, because it turned a good experience into a bad experience as a result of their actions.  Of course in trying to be open and honest with them, they just continued their condescending attitude back to me which was sad as well. 

You see, there are many that get all hung up on mantras and feel good things in life.  These things have their place for sure, but all too often these very same people don't go in and do the necessary healing work on their own life that they need to do.  The phrase, "healer - heal thyself", comes to mind.  Sure, I know they claim they have done this or that and tried program x, y, z and for the most part, I'm sure it helped them.  I'm not debating that point.  However, if you fail to go deep within to the source of all that there is, you're left with a life focused on mantras, feel good thoughts, meditation, and not allowing things you may not agree with to enter your life.

It isn't easy to have people disagree with you and it takes a strong person at times to separate everything out in your life.  We don't grow when we have people praising us all the time and telling us how great we are.  We grow when we let others into our life that we disagree with so they can help teach us lessons in life that we need to learn.  Awareness and consciousness isn't just something you get doing fancy meditations or claiming you live a spiritual life.  Instead, it is about traveling deep into those moments of life where things aren't all full of daily love and happy thoughts.

I'm not going to name this website in this blog post because I don't want to stoop down to their level and I don't want to offer them any traffic to their site.  They know who they are and this is not the sole reason I wrote this blog post.  The sole reason for writing this is that you have to be careful when reading these things on the internet - my blog included.  Don't take everything at face value and just because someone comes across to you as being full of love or being spiritual, their actions should speak louder than their words. It is healthy to use discernment with such sites, because that means you are using your conscious thinking ability, not just absorbing everything you hear as gospel truth.

All too often, we let our words do the talking while our authentic self, fails to live up to the same levels.  We disguise this and cover it up by getting everyone to buy into our way of thought because somehow we are special and everyone should follow us.  It is an easy trap to get into and you see it throughout the new age movement.  These things run rampant in these communities.  The ego thrives on this type of behavior.

Before you think that I abhor the new age movement, I definitely do not.  I see a lot of good in people that have a broad range of experiences.  Even the people that don't walk the talk have something to offer at some level.  My biggest moment of sadness in all of these things is that if you are not truly honest with yourself and if you have not done the work you need to do on yourself, than quit trying to tell others how to do that which you cannot do in yourself.  If one could think of the motto - do no harm - that would be a good starting point.

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