Thursday, January 10, 2013

Impact Of Trauma On The Body

All of us have been through things in our life.  Some of us have experienced greater degrees of trauma than other, but as I always say, trauma is trauma.  It doesn't matter if you were abused as a child, witnessed a disaster, or been through some extremely stressful experiences.  Trauma is trauma.  The impacts of trauma on the body can have serious consequences to our life for many years to come if we do not fully integrate and release all that we have been through.

It is easy to carry these things with us through every day, almost ignoring the fact that they are resting upon our backs.  They keep us from experiencing all life has to offer and the joy that can be found in a day.  Many times, we don't even realize just how they are impacting not only our mind and emotions, but our physical body.  Often we are so numbed to their existence that they may be only a tiny little fragment of thought that barely becomes conscious in our day.

When people tell me they feel no pain, I know that their body is experiencing a high degree of numbing.  When you can not feel pain or tension in your day, there is a part of your body that is disconnected from your mind.  We all have pain and tension in our body each and every day.  Pain and tension are messengers from our mind and body that help keep us going on the path we need to go and give us signals of direction.  It lets us know when we are veering off to one side or the other of our path.

Unfortunately, all too often, we ignore the pain to the point that we have so numbed our our body where it no longer is evident in our life.  We feel its impact, but it is so unconscious that we are able to ignore the existence of it in our day.  We often mask it through keeping ourselves busy or thinking happy thoughts and stating feel good mantras.  Sometimes we mask it with prescription drugs, unnecessary surgical procedures or even with alcohol and other substances.  We may even spend all our time following some new age set of thoughts thinking that we are more enlightened and spiritual, when all we are doing is just hiding behind the tree and wondering why we can't see the forest that is before us.

Pain and tension is our awakening communication to the impact of life's experiences and trauma on the body.  It is there as a guiding force to help us heal our lives and find deeper meaning in the world.  Even though pain is a normal part of our body and life, it does not mean it needs to be overwhelming or that we need to stay stuck in it for long periods of time.  The key is learning how to move through pain, tension and trauma so we gain the awareness and consciousness that is meant for us to connect to in our life.

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