Friday, January 4, 2013

Unlimited Abundance Works

A year ago, I purchased a program that I so adamantly fought against when I first heard about it.  If you read my initial blog post review on this, you can see I wasn't too friendly to this company or this program.  I thought Unlimited Abundance was just another scam on the internet, but I actually proved myself wrong.  It became a program that helped me start to lose some of those long held beliefs I had about money and get rid of those abundance building blocks.  Believe me, I had plenty of these blocks in my life!

One of the things that I first had to get rid of was that somehow to make money meant that this was a bad thing - maybe almost an evil thing to do.  I realize I have been given a healing ability and I thought that this was something that I had to do while remaining full of humility through being poor.  Yet, over and over I have learned that this is a long held belief that is not grounded or rooted in anything but the fear based teaching of traumatic experiences in my life.  All of us have a role to play on this earth and if we do our part, we function together as a civilization.  Part of that role is offering what we have to give and in return, seeing our needs met and our lives provided for.  It is a two way equation and without the flow coming into our life, what we can give to others is limited.  Unlimited Abundance is not about only depleting ourselves in our giving, but accepting what is being given back to us.

Another thing that I had to learn was how I viewed abundance and that included money.  I had so many negative messages about this and many of these were subconsciously taught to me.  Our society tends to revolve around amassing wealth or fighting starvation, but so many of us fail to see that if our lives are aligned with our purpose, that we are provided for each day.  The more we align and follow our purpose, the more we connect into that flow of unlimited abundance in our life.  I learned from my parents that one viewed money as something that you spent as if there was no tomorrow, and the other worried over how the bills would be paid each day.  These are powerful messages that are taught to us, even if we don't realize it in that moment or years on down the road.

Unlimited Abundance isn't about going to the ATM and saying, I want money or going to the store and saying I want this item or that item.  It isn't about just asking for something and sitting there on your front yard waiting for it to appear.  I know some may argue with me, but if unlimited abundance was a catalog, it would degrade the concept into a pitiful existence. At the same time, I don't think it is far fetched to realize that if we need a house or we need something in our life, it can be provided for in ways that we would never imagine.  It is just more about an attitude and way of looking at life through consciousness, rather than a want list that you expect to be filled.

I'm still learning what unlimited abundance means and how it works in my life.  I don't have the full answers on all that it is, but I have begun to see major changes in my own life.  In fact, my income is up 600% over the previous year and I can see many little ways where not only income is affected, but that I'm aligning with my life's purpose. Opportunities and meeting various people seem to be popping up at every turn. The more I open myself up and let my light shine, the more that comes back to me in various ways.  It warms my heart and helps me find purpose and meaning for my day.

If you purchase the unlimited abundance program, don't get caught up in your head about what you should or should not do with the program.  Learn to listen to your heart and follow it as you go through the program.  Don't make the mistake like so many do, thinking that if you listen to it all at once, you'll somehow because wealthy and rich.  It is about personal growth and awareness, so give yourself time for it to help you discover your path and change with a pace that is appropriate for your life.  We all want answers now and sometimes we are too impatient, but if you give this a chance to help you become aware of your own abundance building blocks, you will most likely see like I have, that it is a life changing process.

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