Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Life Works Out

Life Works Out
Louise Hay
Starting In Publishing
It is amazing how things sometimes work out and stare us in the face, while we keep seeking and searching for answers. If you're like me, I sometimes am so thick headed that I can't see or hear what is being told to me. It is like I go up and hit my head against the proverbial brick wall, then wonder why I'm not getting anywhere.

For some time now, I have been trying to figure out what the next step is in my life. I have felt bored, unchallenged and stagnant. Nothing has giving me meaning for the most part and I'm more than ready for a change. I finally told the angels the other day to speak louder and be more forceful because I wasn't hearing what they were trying to say.

Then I had a dream during a meditation time that I heard knocking at the door. In this time, I felt like I was supposed to be alert to something coming my way that was maybe a little out of usual. I didn't think too much more about this experience but kept my eyes open. Several days later an experience happened that really opened my eyes up.

I was on the internet and somehow stumbled across the following video of Louise Hay talking about how she started in publishing. In this video, she talked about flukes in her life that ended up being exactly what she needed to do in life. In much the same way, stumbling across this video was a fluke that feels exactly like my next step - writing my book.

Making a long story short, I got a call from their self publishing firm about my book and the conversation was positive and felt very connected to a higher source. It is hard to describe the feeling, but I definitely felt it and I wasn't expecting that to happen. I am in the process of writing a book and was not being diligent about it, but after today I am running at full speed ahead!

Here all along, this was knocking on my awareness but I was not feeling like I could do this so I kept dismissing it. At the same time, I was seeking and searching for answers, but I was closing my awareness and consciousness to where my heart was leading me. It is all about following what interests us and where our heart lies. The rest of the details will work themselves out. I know this isn't easy to do and trust me, I struggle with it. however, the more I go in life, the more I am seeing how true it is.

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