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Consciousness Of Joy And Pain

Consciousness Of Joy And Pain
The moments of joy in our life are the ones that make it easy to fully live in our day.  However, when we hit those low points and we struggle, that is when it gets difficult to remember the moments of joy.  Of course, we can't have joy without struggle and we can't have comfort without pain.  Both of these things are equally important to our daily life of growth, awareness and consciousness.

All too often, we either numb ourselves to the pain we face in our life and body, or we only embrace happy thoughts and feel good mantras.  Neither is healthy for the mind and body if we are oblivious to the opposite that exists within us.  It is not wrong to have mantras or happy thoughts, but if we have numbed our mind body interface so that we do not fully experience life, then we are trying to exist on a diet of water only in our life.

Balance between joy and struggle, comfort and pain, stress and rest is essential for us to evolve.  It is in the balance that we allow both sides of our present moment to show up, unattached to the outcome in possibility.  You may try all you want to have one side without the other, but in many ways you are only attempting to fool your mind and body.  In all reality, your mind knows, but as we cut ourselves off from the mind body connection, we are disconnected from our mind and our body.

Disconnecting from the pains, stress, and discomfort of life may help us escape horrible moments.   However, if we don't go in and embrace the physical felt sense of these moments, the energy and vibration of these moments last with us forever and ever.  They fail to exit the body because we do not allow it to happen and we give very little attention to them.  It is only when we embrace them and allow them to express themselves, that these painful moments exit from our cellular storage memories.

While much of this may sound difficult, it is really not as hard as it seems.  For once we learn how to go in and connect with the felt sense of our body, it is then that we interact with the mind body interface from a place of power.  When we access this place of power, it is then that we come face to face with the opportunity of awareness which allows us to evolve and grow in a greater consciousness.  At that moment, we begin to experience life anew and more fully as we embrace joy and sensations that we may never have experienced in our life.

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