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Holding On or Letting Go In Healing

Holding On or Letting Go In Healing
It seems like we as humans can sometimes miss the forest for the trees and even if someone points this out, we cannot even see it.  All too often in healing, we are holding on to all that is not healthy for our life, but letting go of it is like asking someone to climb the tallest mountain.  Most likely it isn't going to happen.  You can stand there in plain view of what needs to happen, but because life is so entrenched in what we have been taught to believe is true, we lose site of the forest for the trees.

When I have gone through some of my most challenging moments in life, I did not always want to let go.  Even though I gave lip service to that fact and tried to make people believe I did, in all reality, I was just holding on.  Letting go was scary even if what I needed to release was not helping me progress in life.  When something is scary, we often pull back in and retreat, hoping the fearful moment will soon pass.  It is easier that way in life, but it does not move you forward.

We can claim all day long that the doctors have it wrong, or the therapist does not know what they are saying.  We can claim that a diagnosis is anything but correct for us and we can continue to demand answers, but in the end the reality will slap us in the face.  Acting as if you have your life together and everything is going fine, will most likely not get you to the answers you need for your life.  They may make you feel safe and secure, but sometimes we need to be shoved out of the nest so we can learn to fly.

Often we need to stop holding on and learn how begin letting go in our life.  We can do this by accepting whatever diagnosis we have been given for any condition.  While it may be true that the doctor has no answers or solutions for your particular condition, it doesn't mean that everything stops there.  It is up to each one of us to allow ourselves the opportunity to go in and search deep within our mind, body, and soul.  If we keep our eyes focused on the superficial things, we will miss what it is that we need to see.

In my life, I have experienced some horrendous things which resulted in paralysis from a conversion disorder.  If I would have stayed stuck in that moment expecting the doctors and my friends to help me through this, I would be still stuck in the moment.  Sure, many people were there for me and they were instrumental in my support and healing.  However, it was up to me to my find the way through my healing.  No one could go in and do that for me.  I had to find my way.  I had to give up holding on to all that wasn't doing me any good in life and being letting go.

It wasn't easy!  It wasn't clear at times!  In fact, I had no idea if I would ever heal at that moment, but I had the desire to turn my life around and find the way through it.  I was not about to give up and I was not about to settle for the condition my life was in at that point.  I had to fight and I had to begin looking in the places where I wasn't sure if I would find answers.  I had to step beyond my fear and comfort zone to find that which would help lift me up.

It wasn't about expecting someone else to do this for me.  I knew I had to do it for myself.  Yes, I did welcome and greatly benefited from the help of so many, but at the end of the day, it was my choice if I healed or not.  No one can do that for any person!  Healing comes from within us, not from someone outside of us.

If you're struggling with conversion disorder or some other condition, don't stop looking for answers until you find the one that works for you.  It may be different than what you expect and it may not even be something you would normally consider.  However, if you continue holding on to what brought you to this point and if it is not serving you at this moment, it is now time to being letting it go.  Replace it with things that work in your life and that help you find the truth and answers you need.

As frightening as it may be, step out with all the courage you can gather up and walk into those fears.  For the more you focus on what you can do to help yourself and you look for people who can help you do that, the more you will find the healing and answers you need.  We all have our challenges in life, but if we cower in the corner, we will not find our way to experiencing all life has to offer us.  There is hope and possibility for our life, but we must go and grasp it with both hands, allowing it to take us into new worlds that we may otherwise never see.

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