Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Good Meditation Music - Missing In Action

Missing In Action - Good Meditation Music
I wonder these days if true creativity connected to the mind and body has just disappeared.  I mean, it seems like the majority of music is missing depth when it comes to creativity.  Yes, I realize that everything is digitally synthesized these days and that is what everyone is accustomed to, but it really is lacking in depth.

Today I was searching for some good meditation music and I clicked on a link to a song, but my ears could not even stand two seconds of it.  It had some type of drum beat in it, a whooshing type of sound, some other instrument trying to play a melody and then someone singing.  The sounds clashed together kind of like clanking symbols.  Instead of being music you wanted to listen to, it was so irritating that screeching fingers on a chalkboard would have sounded better.

Unfortunately the example I just gave from my search of good mediation music is not an isolated example.  It happens constantly and in fact with the sensitive ears I have, it is almost impossible it seems to find music I can connect with and enjoy.  I know there is music out there, but it is so hard to find these days.  Also, I do realize that not everyone has the same taste in music that I do have or the same sensitivity.  I will say though, the body does know the difference even if your ears and your brain don't pick it up on a conscious level.

So, this is a call to all artists that produce good "meditation music", feel free to contact me or leave a message below introducing me to your music.  I'm not saying I will like everything that is suggested to me or that I will publicly endorse it, but at least I might find something that just blows me away.  I look for music that truly connects the mind and body together, evokes emotion, and is soothing to the ears.  I look for music that draws me in and takes me into a relaxed and blissful state of peace.

If you know of someone with great meditation music that they have created or you are an artist, then please, by all means let me know the title and I will try to check it out.  If there is an overwhelming response, I might not be able to purchase enough of it all at once, so be patient with me.  Who knows, if I like it, you might just see me write about it and how it affects me.  I have done that in the past with the "Healing Piano" CD by Steven Cravis which is some of my favorite music by one of my favorite independent artists.  I usually put any music I use for this purpose to a test by seeing how my pulse registers before and after using my pulse meter.  If it passes that test, I know there is a mind body connection taking place.

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