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Ringing Phone And Angel Numbers Dreams

Ringing Phone And Angel Numbers Dreams
Last night I had one of those "strange and unusual" moments while I was sleeping.  For a more accurate description, I could call it a dream, but I'm not 100% sure that fits in this case.  While I know I was in a dream state, it feels like I was awake in that moment.  It gets difficult to tell the awake moments between the dream moments at times for me.

The dream actually startled me out of bed with a ringing phone sound.  It was not a sound of any phone that we have in the house, but it was clearly a digital phone ringing sound.  I noticed that no one in the house heard it but me.  It was enough though to startle me out of a deep sleep and I could have sworn it was just as real as an actual phone ringing.

The next thing I remember is that I had someone whispering into my ear to look at the time on the clock.  So, I kind of haphazardly looked at the time and thought okay, be quiet and leave me alone (to whoever was whispering in my ear).  Just let me go back to sleep.  Once again though, they told me to look at the clock.  This time, instead of seeing 2:58 am, I saw 2:59 am.  I'm thinking at this moment, so what?  Why is this even important for me.  Just let me go back to sleep.

When I woke up this morning, it was again as if the dream of the ringing phone was just as real as it were after waking up.  I checked with my partner to see if he had heard anything, but of course he had not.  I checked on him when this happened during the night and he was sound asleep.  So if the sound startled me out of my sleep, I must have been the only one that could hear it.

I was once again prompted by some "unknown" whispering in my ear to go and search the phrase angel numbers 258 and angel numbers 259.  I typed that into my Google search bar and was kind of surprised at what I saw.  Lately, I've been worried about finances because the last two weeks, very little income has come in.  While I realize my work tends to slow down this time of year, it is stressful.  With that in mind, here is what I found when I did a search.

On the site, sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.com, I found through the search with the phrase, "angel numbers 258", that 2 represents a vibration of service, insight and intuition.  The number 5 represents positive life choices and being true to ourselves.  The number 8 is about manifesting abundance in our life.

All three of these points make perfect sense to me.  It is like a confirmation to let me know that I don't have to worry, and that I am on the path I need to be.  They really resonate with me at a deep cellular level.

On the same site, sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.com, I also found searching the phrase "angel numbers 259" that the number 2 carries the vibrations of trust and faith.  The number 5 corresponds to making life choices and the number 9 is about serving your soul mission.

Again, all of these things combined together really and truly make sense.  After seeing this, I think it was more than just a dream.  It feels like it was more than a dream to me, because I normally can't remember much from the middle of the night after waking up.  I'm still able to recall this as if it happened a few moments earlier.

For now, I will accept it as a message from my angels to what I needed in my life at this moment.  Normally I don't get messages that are this strong, but then again I've really been worried, so I think they had to amp up the display and volume for me to hear.  I did not mention this, but the timing of this dream was so perfect with some other events that took place this morning upon waking up.  Those are personal moments, so I will not share them, but it is good to see how things are connected.

I have also had other moments in the past, where I have heard phantom doorbell ringing in my sleep among other things.  It doesn't happen all the time, but from time to time when I am really seeking out answers to my questions, these things usually show up.  

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  1. I read this blog with great interest, as I get 'messages' like this all the time. I think we all do but maybe we just don't take notice of them.
    For example: I was out walking one day around a beautiful lake very early in the morning. Across the lake I saw a swan and it was gliding over the water towards me. As it came close I offered it some of my sandwich which it took from me. Then, when my sandwich was all gone it attacked me! Hey...I got out of there fast!
    I noticed after that - white feathers appearing in unusual places, e.g: on the seat of my car when I got in, or stuck to a door etc.
    I have come to realize that the swan represented 'trust' to me. I have always been too trusting and I tended to open my heart and soul to people and situations without regard for my own safety.
    That has changed now. I still open my heart and soul to life but with due caution for my own well being.
    I went for an interview for a counselling job with a weight loss company recently, I came away feeling uneasy about the post but I wasn't sure why. On my way home the traffic was held up..it had come to a standstill on the motorway. As I got closer I could see a swan on the road, holding up the traffic in the left hand lane.
    I declined the post after much thought and research. This job would have been very wrong for me. A feather would have done! But thanks to the universe for a powerful message.

    1. Thank you very much for sharing that. It helps to know others get all kinds of dreams like this. I completely agree with you that we don't notice all that is around us as much as is taking place. Glad you listened to this and sounds like it helped guide you in a decision that was right for you.






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