Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Unexplained Pain From Workout, Part 3

This is part 3 of a 3 part series.  Please read Part 2, first.

This time, my body was nearing exhaustion and so I found my comfortable floating raft and laid down on it in the water.  The movement of the water in the pool was relaxing and I allowed myself to just drift off and be there in the moment.  There was no hurry at this point and I knew that allowing myself to just rest was an important part of the process.

This may seem a little strange of an exercise and it may be difficult to do this at first.  However, by connecting with the emotion (saying the words), adding the movement (pushing the water in the pool), taking a breath of air and then releasing it all into the pool, you will be doing something that is a built in mechanism for our body.  There is no greater healing force and process than this if we allow ourself to travel here.  By screaming in the pool, you don’t have to worry about freaking your neighbors or family members out because they can’t hear you!

You might be amazed at just how much tension, stress and anger this moves from your body in a safe way.  Punching the water isn’t going to hurt your hand and neither is screaming into the water going to hurt anyone.  It is a very safe way to release anger and we all have to find those ways.  More importantly though, this connects the mind and body together with the emotions, movement and breath as you release.

Since spending a few moments doing this exercise, the tension is much reduced in my body.  My upper right chest is not as ischemic (painful) to touch as it was and my back and shoulders feel much better.  I can tell that my body has calmed down considerably and I feel more jovial than frustrated.  It is like hitting a reset button in life where you let go of the energy that has built up in the body and you allow the joyful moments into your life.

At one time, I was so afraid of letting anger out because I was so traumatized by being the brunt end of my father’s anger.  I was always afraid that to get angry meant you would beat someone and it has taken me years to understand that anger is a valid emotion.  Some people, maybe for the same reason, will act as if anger is a bad thing.  It is only when we allow anger to reside within or we use it again others that it becomes a nightmare.  Anger can hurt others and it can kill those it inhabits if you continue to hold it in.  Learning to deal with it and let it go through safe practices will bring about a new dimension and awareness in life that you most likely cannot even understand at this moment.

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