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Masculine, Feminine VS Gay And Straight

In the book, "Into The Light" by Dr. John Lerma, stories of hospice patients final days are recounted.  While I cannot substantiate any of these stories, I can neither disprove them.  I have read a considerable amount of Dr. Lerma's accounts of his patients just days before they pass on and I find them very credible.  It would seem odd that I would find a very good story and example about masculine, feminine and gay versus straight in a book about our final days and the life thereafter.

On page 56, this section is being shared from a fundamentalist preacher who was into the hell, fire and brimstone, rather than positive, uplifting and encouraging words one may desire to hear.  According to this person (which is known as Leon in the book), he felt the truth was the truth and it often hurts. 

As you read on in this section, he shares how his church was right in the middle of a gay community and how his ministry had been focused on telling gays (among others) that they were living a lifestyle that was against God.  We've all heard these things and in this day and age, it is not uncommon to be surrounded by this type of thinking. Politicians love to use this as a bargaining chip in getting people to vote for them which is unfortunate in my view.

It is important to note that Leon felt that no one could communicate or see angels and that if they did, it was more because Satan was appearing, rather than an angel.  Leon did not believe in near death experiences or many of the things that he was now being confronted with in his last few days.  Of all people, Leon was not one to easily believe in any of what transpired.  I believe that makes his story more credible.

However, he went on to share what the angels were helping him see in regards to the gay community, whom he had so strongly opposed.  The angels showed him that love is perfection and to judge it, meant he was not living a life of love.  As he was showed, in a gay relationship, there is always the masculine and feminine parts.  In fact, love is more about the merging of these two parts, not just female and male (or man and woman).  When gay people find love between themselves, they are celebrating what life is.

You see, I believe we get things mixed up in life.  We focus on the truth that we have so far learned up until this point in our life, thinking that it is the only way and that all must follow this.  If we begin to open up our eyes, we see that the truth we know is nothing more than a building block to greater awareness.  Yet, if we allow that truth to define us, than we are limiting ourselves in awareness and consciousness.

Gay people love differently and see things differently in life.  Unfortunately our civilization which has been founded in religious beliefs, only see the union of a man and a woman.  Early on in the history of our civilization, the union of a man and woman was deemed the truth of the day so they could grow and expand the Christian church.  The truth of that movement became the limiting consciousness of time.  Today, there are many that cannot even open themselves up to the idea of the masculine and feminine parts merging together.  Yet, the bible is full of references to this, but when you use selective reading, the entire context is missed.

Each one of us has masculine and feminine traits within us.  We all have varying mixtures of these things and because we are all unique, we are at different points of the spectrum of human life.  Love is love no matter how any human wants to define it.  To deny love, is to deny our existence and our humanness.  When you find love, no matter if it is with a man or a woman, you have then found creation.  Creation is of course, the time for celebration and joy and the continuation of our lives as a species.

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