Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Illusions Of Abundance, Part 1

Part 1
Seek and ye shall find!  I remember hearing that repeated so many times growing up.  Often though, we fail to seek out that which we need for ourselves and we become attracted to the illusions of our day.

There are many out there pointing the way towards abundance and wealth while confusing these different concepts as the illusion of answers for our life.  We act as if these people have all the answers to our life.  We seek the answers, but we fail to find them because we are blinded by the illusion.

When life is tough and we are down and out on our luck like many people in our day, it is easy to see the pretty neon flashing lights of the wealth and abundance preachers, as the answers to our problems!  They give us pretty words to listen to or read on the internet and they make claims that sound almost believable, but in reality they are too good to be true!  We all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch, yet we park ourselves at the table waiting for the food!

Whether is it is someone like Christie Marie Sheldon, or the book “Open Your Mind To Prosperity” by Catherine Ponder, we should view these as resources, not complete answers for our life.  People are getting swallowed up by the glitz and the glamor of these “answers” instead of learning to apply basic principles to their life.  These are just two examples and if you do an internet search, you’ll find many more without much effort.

While there are many things you can read and spend your money on, abundance and wealth is more than money.  People will claim they know this, yet when you begin talking to them, the conversation quickly turns to money or getting more of it in the form of currency, possessions, trips, things, etc.  To me, those things are not what abundance is truly about.  They would be more typical of “wealth” rather than abundance.

If you took all the money away in the world tomorrow, people would quickly begin to see what really mattered in life.  Life, family, friends, love, respect, happiness, and experiences would be at the forefront.  Instead, in our world and in our culture, we have become accustomed to equating life with earning money and having possessions.  We have confused abundance with wealth. 

==>  This is the end of Part 1, come back tomorrow to read part 2.

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