Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Illusions Of Abundance, Part 2

This is part 2.  Please read part 1 from yesterday before reading this section.
Part 2

If you ask the person who has lost everything in life what truly matters, I doubt money will be on the top of the list.  Ask the person who lives in the forest and does not know modern conveniences exist, what truly matters, and I bet you will get a much different answer than someone living in mainstream society.  You see, we have truly lost sight of what matters in life and our warped view has muddied the waters of abundance and wealth.

While I know that we require money to function in society, it is my opinion that this is wealth, not abundance.  Abundance has more to do with the essentials of life that truly matter.  Of course, when you are truly abundant and in line with your role in the universe, then I believe wealth follows. 

I laugh when I hear people thinking that if they picture a boat in the front yard because they feel that is what they “NEED”, that it is going to show up.  Why on earth, would that happen?  What purpose would it serve?  I think to view the universe or the spiritual concepts of abundance as a catalog you can order from, is foolish and not very enlightened.

What matters in life is how we align our life with our purpose of being here and how we grow in our own awareness and evolve as humans.  It isn’t about how much money we can gain or how many followers we can obtain; it is about aligning and surrendering to our purpose in this world. 

Surrendering to life and to the things that excite us, make us happy or enable us to feel fulfilled is what abundance is all about.  It isn’t something taught on a webinar or that we need to pay $999 to have someone work their magic on us!  It is about us seeking out our truth and being courageous enough to open ourselves up to what it is that makes us tick.

In the movie, City Slickers, Curly says there is a secret to life and it is this one thing that matters.  However, he won’t tell anyone what this one thing is, because you have to find it out for yourself.  Yes, you can learn from others to help you understand it better but don’t give your power away.  The answers you seek are not out in some spiritual concept or in an abundance course.  The answers you seek are within yourself.  The way to find them is to go within.  Anywhere else, will delay the inevitable in your life.

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