Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Give Ourself Freedom

Today marks the anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and other locations.  That single day plunged our country into events that will take many years for history to evaluate and rationalize.  Our world has went through so much change during these years.

I still remember having the nightmares leading up to this day and seeing people fleeing a cloud of dust and a building falling.  Little did I realize that those repeated nightmares were a foretelling of an events to come.  It was not until I turned on the TV at the moment the first plane went into the World Trade Center, that I realized the connection with my nightmares.  Normally, I never turn on the TV at that time of day and it was almost like an automated moment within myself.

Since that time, we've learned to hate people who are different than us and so often, our country does not distinguish between people.  We have plunged countries into years of destruction and turmoil as a result.  It can be argued by opposing parties if these things are justified or not, and I'm not here to debate these points.

To me, the most important part is how we view our self in the grand scheme of life and what we see as freedom for our self.  If we can not see the bigger picture of life, how will we see it for the remainder of civilization.  If we can not find freedom within our own life, then can we expect freedom for anyone else?

I would challenge each one of us to search out that which makes mankind free and makes our life free.  For when we truly find ourselves, we have found that which truly matters.  Many of the issues of our day are created by man to control and regulate other men (or women, or children = gender neutral).

At the end of our days, I believe we will come to understand that what we feel is so important today, will only be a footnote in the years we have lived.

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