Friday, September 2, 2011

My Enteric Brain Journey, Intro

Enteric Brain
My intent is to begin a series from journal entries that I recorded when I was going through some intense healing therapy with Dr. Paul Canali.  When I first was acquainted withe work he does, it was referred to as therapy involving the Enteric Brain.

The enteric brain is the name of an energetic physical structure located within your gut or abdominal area. It is made up of a mesh of nerves, fascia, muscles, organs and various physical structures.  It is hard to identify this physical structure anatomically speaking but we all know that it exists within us.  Have you ever said, "that was my gut decision?"  If you have, than you know exactly what I'm referring to in this post.

The enteric brain is our second brain and in many ways, it may be more responsible for the functioning of our body, than our anatomical brain in our head.  95% of substances like Xanax, Valium and other seratonin chemicals are found and produced in the gut brain.  The enteric brain is said to be an area that has remembers past fears and trauma.  It is a structure that is meant to help keep us on our path of evolution and awareness.  Much research has been conducted on the enteric brain by Dr. Michael Gershon.  He has authored a book called The Second Brain.

Please come back each Friday for new entry in this series.  You can always come back here for an outline of the various parts of this series.

Intro:  August 26, 2010
Part 1:  September 2, 2010

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