Monday, May 21, 2012

Just Sayin

Lately I see and hear the phrase "just sayin" being thrown around as a modern day jingle.  I'm amazed at how much it is said and the context in which it is stated.  To me, it is a statement made with great condescension, judgement, and lack of respect.

In fact, the urban dictionary attempts to define it as someone making a statement without having all the facts.  It is like, someone does not know what they are talking about, yet they make the statement anyway.  That's pretty amazing when you think about it, but in many ways that is how our public discourse occurs these days.

Gone are the days when people actually sat down and talked with one another, listening to what the other person had to say.  People are too quick to state what they think, then they ask someone for their views.  When you do that, you're really saying, "my beliefs are more important than your beliefs, but if you must, I'll listen to you talk about them.".

If you really listen to how the phrase "just sayin" is being used, you'll see the attitude that surrounds it.  For the most part, it is condescending and disrespectful.  It is a judgmental statement at the root.  Of course, I do realize that everyone has an opinion that they feel the world must hear.  The news agencies promote this agenda by showing random people giving their opinion.  They further promote this agenda by allowing people comment on news articles.

There is way too much talking and screaming happening in our world.  We fill our days with things that keep us from dealing with the reality of our own lives.  I get it - I understand - it is easier to escape reality, than face it and do something about it.  However, it is beginning to bring this world down.  Hopefully as a civilization, we'll wake up before we make an even bigger mess of our human existence.

I would just challenge each one of us to think before we speak or write.  Take a moment and consider how you spend your time.  Are you advancing your life and the world along or are you just taking up space and time each day?  Are you using your words and speech to help lift others up, or are you using it to promote your own beliefs?

It is always wise to remember that as a human we were given a quantity of two ears and one mouth.  Inherently built in to us is the fact that we should use our ears much more than we use our mouth.  The question is, which one do you use more?

Just sayin

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