Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Make The Choice To Live Differently In Life

Do you ever feel stuck in the same old loops of life where your mind seems to travel familiar pathways?  You know, where an event happens and your mind reacts automatically with essentially the same result.  I'm sure all of us have experienced this at some point in our life or maybe on a daily basis.  I"m sure there are some reading this that are not able to see the old loops of their mind that they are stuck in.

One of the best things anyone can learn in life is that even though you have reacted the same way to some event in your life, does not mean you have to operate the same way in the future.  You do have a choice as to how you react and a choice to do something different.

I am not talking about avoiding something, or passing it off, or thinking a happy thought to make it disappear.  After all, if we hide our self from these things, how will we ever grow and evolve?  What I am talking about is looking hard at these things in your life that you do, and then questioning whether this is what you wish to continue for your life.  Once again, you do have a choice as to how you react and what you do.  You can revisit it as many times as needed.

Of course, this requires us to grow in our own awareness every day.  We need to become more conscious of who we are, and not hide from the parts that we wish not to see.  When it is easier for us to see what others need to do to change their life than it is for our self, we may want to look closer at what we are trying to hide from in our own life.  After all, if you have your attention on everyone else, it helps you conveniently escape looking within your own life.

Is it fun to look at yourself?  No, most of the time it is not.  I will fully agree with you on that point.  However, is it necessary to do this?  Yes, it is if we want to evolve as humans with a more functional mind and body.  Hiding from life or from how we interact with it, usually does very little to move us forward.  It is when we open up and search out those deep dark crevices in our mind and body that we begin to see who we truly are.

No matter what you have gone through or are currently experiencing, you are making choices each and every moment in regards to your future moments.  You are choosing to interact with your life in the way that you do, by what you allow yourself to see.

The best part is though, we can choose to act differently, see differently or change our thoughts in a way that gives us a different outcome.  Yes, it may take courage and strength to do this in our life, but the plus side is that it opens up an entirely new world.

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