Friday, May 18, 2012

Its Always Darkest Before The Dawn

When we encounter rough moments in our life, it seems to be some of the roughest moments of our life.  We tend to look at it as a time when it is just too much to handle.  Instead, if we can step back and try to see the bigger picture, we will see that it is always darkest before the dawn.

The dawn of a new day in our life can be a wondrous thing, but it can also be a challenge as we give birth.  Difficult times and upheaval is a moment that brings us to the point of great change in our life.  I'm not going to say that any of it is easy and it is simple to just look at it this way.  I'm only trying to offer up a different way to view great challenge in a person's life.

Often when you begin a major transformation time in your life, you will find that it can be very difficult.  When you set the intention and begin to allow the shift to take place, your life might actually become more challenging.  It is easy to question why this would happen and what is wrong with your life.  After all, you are trying to change and make progress, but it almost seems like you are going downhill and backwards, rather than moving forward.

In many ways, it is your mind and body's way of letting go.  It is like a purging of all the things you don't wish to have in your life any longer to make way for the new that is coming.  Think of it as a full closet where in order to add more to it, you must clean it out.  These periods of time can last a few hours, a day or sometimes for a very long time.  It all depends upon how far you need to shift, how much you are able to truly allow it, and how you nurture yourself during these times.  Sometimes they will repeat until we master what it is that we need to learn or discover in our life.

Try not to view the difficult moments when you are going through a major shift as something bad happening to you.  Yes, they may be challenging, but see what you can learn from them.  They are your teacher.  There is much wisdom within these difficult moments and if you can harvest that wisdom, you will be learning so much more for your life.

There is a song that I used to play as a kid in church called, "It's Always Darkest Before The Dawn".  I still love that song because it helps me to see that no matter what I'm going through, the storms may roll in and get rough, but after the storm is over, there is a dawning of a new day.  It is always the darkest just before the dawn.  In other words, it can get very intense before the break through comes and you see a new day.

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