Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Give Up To Be Happy

Posted on Finerminds website, one of their team members named Dana wrote an article about 15 things you should give up to be happy.  Okay folks, I'm  not going to sit here and tell you what you should give up to be happy or how you should be happy.  That is for each one of you to figure out on your own because when you do, then you have found life.  However, this article had some good information in it that will hopefully get everyone to think about happiness a little more.

Here's a few of my thoughts about some of the points Dana made in this article.  The full article can be found at the following link.

I like the first point Dana makes about giving up the need to be right.  After all, you can be right all the time in your eyes and alienate yourself from the world, or you can back off of this and engage with others.  Sometimes when we are not always right, we give ourselves the opportunity to learn and see new things in a different light.

Control is one of those things that only makes someone miserable.  I used to have to control everything about my life.  Some of this is the perfectionist in me, but to be honest, I soon learned that it didn't serve me well.  It was a coping mechanism I grew up with, but it ended up being one of those things that I had to give up (and sometimes still have to give up).

Blaming others feels like an activity on the children's playground.  However, in today's society, our media and politics and behavior are built upon blaming someone.  It was the other guy's fault or the dog's fault or whoever you want to include here.  Unfortunately, blaming everyone gets us nowhere but a miserable existence.

Learning to let go of your self limiting behaviors, negative self talk, and limiting beliefs will open up a new world to you.  This is not easy for most people because our ego gets in the way.  If the ego doesn't do it, then our past experiences will influence us if we do not release them from the inside out.  This is more than thinking happy thoughts and it comes from the core of our being, deep within our conscious and evolved mind.

Labels are a big one in our society and they limit what we do, say, think and how we behave.  I still remember a therapist one time when I wanted to label myself to some behavior that I was doing.  She immediately stopped me and helped me see that if I took on that label, I was taking on that action. I would end up fulfilling the label I put upon myself.  Labels can help us understand some condition or situation, but in the end they are more detrimental than helpful.  All you have to do to understand this is begin to look at all the "health conditions" that have labels and see how they almost become a badge of honor.

Giving up on fears is something that is helpful in finding happiness, but in many ways this is a fallacy in our current day human consciousness.  Fear is important to a human body because it helps keep us oriented toward our path.  However, if fear is not dealt with and released within the body, then it will have a devastating affect upon our life.  Fear is built into our experiences of life and until we go within to the source to root it out, our life will be impacted by it.  It is a process, not necessarily an end point.

There are many other wonderful points that Dana makes in the piece that she wrote.  If more humans could begin to practice these concepts, our civilization would advance and evolve.  We would not be taken in by the media and politics of the day, nor would we be living our lives from a standpoint of dictation, instead of freedom.  It is up to each one of us to find our way through life and hopefully at the end of our days, we will have evolved as human beings, becoming more conscious of how our life impacts the world. 

For a follow up because there were other questions people were asking, check this article out.

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