Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Influencing The World Through Our Thoughts

In the book, The Field, it describes research from all over the world that human can interact with and affect various things.  From machines, to biological organisms, thoughts and other humans, there are many studies that prove a human can have an influence on other things without direct contact or physical manipulation, through their thoughts.  Analysis showed that the success rate was around 37% which may not sound high until you factor in the expected result of 5% from chance. (Pg, 133, The Field)

It is also interesting to note a few other points in the book.  People that needed to be influenced by someone else such as in the case of calming them down or focusing their attention, were more receptive and open to the influence of others.  In many ways, the channel for this might have been more open in people who were having difficult moments, than they would otherwise.  I believe it is built into us biologically as humans to need one another and for humans to help and lift one another up.

As the researchers looked for common threads, they noticed several characteristics which gave a better outcome of success in influencing others through our thoughts.  Relaxation techniques, less physical activity, dreams, less sensory input, and greater right brain functioning all aided the success of a person influencing another.  In addition, if the person believed that it was possible to influence another, there was a greater possibility that it could happen.  If the individual had a view of the world where we are all interconnected, the success of human interaction on something was much greater.  Last but not least, when left brain activity was quieted and the right brain was enhanced, there was a higher possibility that these interactions could occur.

In many ways, this makes sense to me and as I read the book, I can begin to understand more of what I sense, intuit, pickup, and see in others and in the world around me.  For a long time, I thought all of this was new age nonsense, but when I began having random experiences, I soon learned there was something to all of these things.  We are much more connected then we often realize in our world, or we even want to believe.  There is scientific proof and studies performed that have proven these concepts for a long time.  If you want evidence, just read the book, The Filed by Lynne McTaggart (to read the book, click this link).

I really find this book and this research fascinating in many ways.  To me, it helps prove why some of the healing modalities work and what is the core truth in them.  All too often, we follow a healing protocol believing that this is what has the impact.  However, most of the time, these healing protocols can be reduced down to a core truth and when we focus on that core truth, we are opened to a much greater force in healing than we see in our modality.  Unfortunately, it is often easier to trust the rules of a healing protocol for most people, rather than getting in touch with their heart and following their intuition.

We need to learn to open our eyes up in our own world and discover the truths of what it is we do and why we do it.  If we feel we have found the answers to life, or we have arrived at the moment of our life, let us realize that this is an illusion of the ego.  When we begin to see with our heart, and open up to the divine purpose of our life, it is then that we will grow in awareness and evolve in consciousness.

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