Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mind Body Interface of Conversion Disorder
Healing Conversion Disorder
Dr. Paul Canali Interview
Recently, I wrapped up an interview with Dr. Paul Canali of Evolutionary Healing.  In the interview, we discussed how to heal Conversion Disorder in regards to the mind body interface.

If you are suffering from Conversion Disorder or know someone that does, this 33 minute interview is well worth your time to listen to it.  Even if you don't suffer from Conversion Disorder, the information applies to every human on the planet.

When I went through the major episode with Conversion Disorder in 1991, there were really no resources and no one to talk to.  The internet wasn't really in existence like it is today and so I was forced to find my own way through this ordeal.  None of it was easy and I know first hand just how difficult it is to come through this.  However, I knew there was some way out of the hell my body and life was shoved into and I never gave up in trying to find the help I needed.

It took me many years to finally move to a place and meet someone that could truly help me heal from Conversion Disorder.  When I went to him, the big physical symptoms had pretty much gone away like the paralysis, but I had plenty of other physical realities to deal with in my life.  On top of that, I had just lost my mom to a car accident which set off a cascade of events in my life.

I stumbled into Dr. Paul Canali by accident or it appears by accident, but when I heard him talk to a group of teachers about trauma, stress and the mind body interface, my body instinctively knew he was talking a language I understood.  Additional moments would take place in the next year that would bring our paths together once again.

Once I began to understand the process that needed to happen in the mind body interface, I began to find out just how much I could heal and recover.  It was not as difficult as I thought it would be, although there were moments that were extremely difficult to experience.  Most of all, the process just unfolded naturally and the more I allowed myself to go within, the more I healed in ways I would have never imagined.

I do realize that if you are going through a Conversion Disorder, that life seems hopeless.  I also realize that the people who understand how to treat this are a rarity, but they do exist.  If you listen to the interview with Dr. Paul Canali, you'll begin to get a sense that healing is possible.

On a side note, the information shared in this interview is specifically geared to Conversion Disorder, but it applies to all humans suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, skin conditions and so much more.

Of course, I could tell you more, but I'll let you to go and listen to the interview.  It is free.  There is nothing being sold in it, so don't worry that it is a trick of sometime.  It is just honest-down-to-earth information that can change your life.

So what are you waiting for - click here to listen to the interview.

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