Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thoughts Plus Passion Equals Reality

How many of us want to affect our life and change where we are at, but we often fall short and give up in frustration?  I'm sure many reading this could identify with this question in one way or another.  A book I am reading by Joe Dispenza, Breaking The Habit Of Yourself, has some excellent things to think about when it comes to focusing our thoughts to attract the reality we want.
As Joe Dispenza stated in his book, "When you hold clear, focused thoughts about your purpose, accompanied by your passionate emotional engagement, you broadcast a stronger electromagnetic signal that pulls you toward a potential reality that matches what you want.  (Joe Dispenza, Breaing The Habit Of Yourself)

Think about this book quote for a moment.  If you combine your focused thoughts with your purpose and then add the catalyst of passion and emotion, watch out!  For what you want to attract into your life and how you want to create your day will show up more powerfully than you could have ever imagined.

Another way to view this is consider you are going on a trip.  You focus by packing your car, setting the GPS with directions, and then turning on the ignition.  In other words, you focus your thoughts and actions on the goal which is going on a trip in your car.  However, if you don't put gas in your car (the emotion and passion), then you will not get very far.  Your car may go down the road for some time but once it runs out of gas, it will just coast along.

Your life is much the same way as this example.  All the focus, planning and execution in the world won't get us to our goal if we don't put the fuel in our life in the way of emotions and passion.  It isn't enough just to think happy thoughts or believe happy thoughts of forward movement.  We need to feel these things from our core and become so emotionally passionate about what it is we want, that our life has no other choice but to take us into reality at warp speed.

Of course, it is important to note that if our emotion and passion is not in what we want, then we may need to step back and evaluate that we are reaching for what it is that makes our heart sing.  If our heart is not singing, we're probably missing the mark.  Only we will be able to gauge within our own mind and body that we are following our true passions in life.  When we know that we are following our heart, the focused thoughts and actions will become second place to what we desire for our life.

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