Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Love My Kindle Touch

While this may sound more like a product promotion than a post on mind body thoughts, I assure you there is a reason for me sharing this.  I have been wanting a Kindle Touch for a long time and I finally got one.  I'm so happy that I now have this (as if you can't tell).

One of the things that I love to do in life is read.  For me, reading opens up a vast new world that I can experience without traveling anywhere.  It gives me opportunities to explore concepts and places right from the comfort of my own home and in the time that works for me.

However, one of the issues I have is that when I read a book, I either have to store it on a bookcase when I am done, or donate it.  Of course, most of my books are marked up with notes in them so other people may not want to read them as a donated book.  Many of the books I read, I really enjoy but some of them I do not.  If I don't enjoy the book, then I have this physical item that I need to do something with.

This is where the Kindle Touch comes in for me and why I love it so much.  It allows me to purchase books at a cheaper price which means I can read more books!  In addition, it allows me to make notes, highlights, bookmarks or share sections of a book as I read it.  No longer do I need to dog-ear the corners of the pages and then try to go back and find the parts that I loved the most.  It makes this so simple to keep up with so I can reference back to in the future.

Other things that I personally love about the Kindle Touch is that it keeps my place in the book when I stop reading.  No more dropping those book marks on the ground and losing my page!  Plus, I can take all my books I am reading with me where ever I go.  They are all in one little handy device and so I no longer need to take multiple books.

In addition to these things, I can always have my own personal book that I wrote, with me all the time (Hope And Possibility Through Trauma).  If I want to reference something in it with another person or share my book with them, I have it with me at all times.  There are some very good sections in my book that sometimes is just appropriate to share with another person and this way, it is almost at my fingertips.

Some of the books I read on the subject of mind and body are not ones that I can read a lot at any one time.  Sometimes it takes me time to read through them, and so with the Kindle Touch, I can read them at my leisure so that I fully absorb all of it.

In fact, I see that I can even read blogs such as this one (to view my blog on the Kindle, click this link).  I can also read periodicals and magazines.  Sometimes I have research articles and papers that I want to read and it allows me to upload them to my Kindle where I can easily read them and make notes as I go.

The benefits to owning this Kindle are wonderful and I'm so glad that I finally purchased it.  Now, I can read more books, more easily and more efficiently keep track of what I am reading. For me, this is like opening up an entirely new world of possibilities and I'm loving every minute that I spend with my Kindle Touch.

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