Saturday, February 27, 2016

Why We Go Through Difficult Moments

Why, we often ask.  We can't explain the difficult moments in life, but we sure can feel them.  I'm sure if anyone could answer the question of why do we go through difficult moments, they would be the wisest person on earth.

Sure, some come up with statements about why we go through difficult moments and sometimes those answers help.  Often though, those answers are like a temporary band-aid on a gushing wound.  I actually think that these type of answers can hurt more than they help.

Difficult moments are everywhere and they affect many people at different times in their life.  I could tell you that difficult moments help us grow and discover ourselves.  Others could tell you that it brings you closer to God.

The thing is that when you go through a difficult moment, the common thing we do is ask why?  We wonder why and by asking why, we are searching for the answers we need.

Asking why we go through difficult moments is how we begin to make sense of it.  It is how our mind begins to comprehend what is taking place.  Often, there are no answers at this point, but the question leads us to those answers.

Allow yourself to ask why we go through difficult moments.  Allow yourself to be in the midst of the rough times.  Don't feel like you have to boil your experience down into a 30 second sound bite that works for everyone but yourself.

I have often found that people want to help others and if they don't have the answers you need, they often make up something that they think helps.  It is their way of trying to get rid of their own discomfort, rather than allowing you to find what it is you need.

We are empowered when we search and discover the answers we need.  We are empowered when we go through the process to figure out how we deal with difficult moments.

Quick fixes only apply to the movies and unenlightened people.  The process is the phase where we grow and learn.  The process of finding our way through difficult moments is what makes us more human and compassionate in this world.

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