Thursday, February 18, 2016

Group Think Says Bye Now

I feel right now like the moment you get off the plane and they say, "bye now".  After all, that seems to be what is happening at this time.  I went on a group event and I had people follow me on here.  Of course, then I went and disagreed with the prophet of this group and boy did I hear about it. 

The message these "enlightened" individuals sent to me was, don't you dare disagree with our prophet.  For if you do, you will be exiled.  We will drop you like yesterday's news and we will have nothing to do with you.

Keep in mind, I didn't get mean or nasty or anything like that.  I simply voiced my view of what was said in a very respectful manner.  Many thought I was the problem and that I was so wrong I didn't know anything. The group think was strong.

There was no taking it in stride and listening.  There was no tolerance.  There was no openness to what I said.  It was either their way or the highway.

It reminds me too much of a closed minded intolerant church I grew up in and a father that it was either his way or the highway.  I guess, there are these people in life, but what bugs me the most is how "enlightened" they portray themselves to be while being so intolerant. 

Its mighty dangerous when we practice group think and force people to believe our enlightened views or be banned to damnation.  In all honesty, it really is not anything that is enlightened, but of course you can't begin to tell these people that they may be a little misguided.

Regardless, all I can say back to them for now is bye now.  If they want to practice group think, then I guess that's their moment of enlightenment.  Guess what though?  I'll be staying as far away from them as I can because I have no desire to be part of group think that is this closed minded.

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