Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The High And Mighty

Recently, I experienced something that was extremely hurtful and painful.  Someone that meant a lot to me and still does, got up on their high and mighty horse.  They fell off it as well, but hopefully they can find their way back up on a normal horse.

The thing is, I am one that tries to improve myself.  I work hard to push myself more than the day before.  Of course, I'm not always perfect either and in fact, I fail far more of the time then I get it right.  I don't stop.  I don't give up.

Now, I may struggle and I may squirm around during my days.  Things may appear that I have no clue what is going on or what I need to do.  In all reality, those are the moments, I'm beginning to formulate my thoughts and I don't hide all of this from anyone.

Some must not like to see that.  They get all high and mighty and proclaim they know all, see all, and are all wise.  They proclaim in passive aggressive ways that I know nothing and that I need to get on the ball.

It's sad really because if we as humans spent as much time working on ourselves as we did nitpicking other people, we would be some mighty awesome people.  We wouldn't be a judgmental high and mighty person, but one that was full of true love without judgment.

Most likely there is a lesson in here for me to learn and probably at some point down the road, things will look different then they do in the midst of the pain and hurt.  Stuff will happen and even those that we really care about will turn and become something we have never seen before in our experience with them.

So be it!  They can be high and mighty all they want, but at the end of the day, I've got to look out for myself and stay true to myself.  It isn't that I try to brush off things that maybe will help me as much as I can't sway to every whim someone has that thinks they know best for me.

There are times that I choose not to say things to others because I know it would only hurt them and serve no purpose.  It does not mean I don't listen.  It just means that I am trying to protect them and the cascade of effects that would surely fall like a row of dominoes.

All my life, there have been far too many that were high and mighty.  Much of it has focused around religion, but some of it comes in the new age world.  There are just so many  that try to fix everyone else instead of applying the same balm to their own life.

I know, its easier to point the fingers at other people, but just remember that when you point the finger at someone, you have three pointing back at you.  If you keep that in mind, it will greatly help not only your interactions with others, but the entire world.

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