Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Demise Of Facebook

At one time, I had some great friends on a platform called Xanga.  It was a great place to go and not feel pressured or inundated with things you didn't care to see or read.  Then Facebook showed up and everyone went there.  At first it was nice, but then it happened.  The demise of Facebook.

Facebook became this place where you saw everything people liked and loved and shared.  It replaced the email chain letters of stuff that could almost sound true, but no one checked out. It became the place where every "pretty" saying and every "pretty" picture was shared and re-shared and then shared again.

Facebook became the go to place for politics.  It was where all your friends needed to see every article and post and promote all things political.  The politicians loved it.  Most people hated it.  After all, the propagation of hatred from one person to another is more than one can often stomach in a day.

Then there was the messenger app that Facebook thought was so important.  In fact, they want to replace the telephone with it.  Sure, I want to stare at my phone all day waiting for a message to pop up and then in the most inefficient form of communication, type a reply with my thumbs!  Sure!  Sign me up!

Organizations pushing their agenda started using Facebook.  They forwarded on every picture known to man of something being abused or wronged.  They forwarded on their one and only belief as to what all should concern themselves with 100% of the time.

Petition after petition, recall after recall and cause after cause, Facebook forced people to be overwhelmed by all of it.  One could spend 24 hours a day with all of these "good" and "righteous" and "things you should do" but have very little to show for it at the end of the day.

Granted, there are good things about Facebook but all too often those good things turn into a saturation of an annoyance.  If something could be in moderation, it would be good.  If something didn't have to get propagated like there was no tomorrow coming, it would be lovely.

Of course, Facebook knew that if they showed you everything your friends liked and shared and subscribed to, that somehow this would be a good thing.  Unfortunately, it over-saturates what you see in a day that you barely want to read anything.  It is good for the bottom line wealth of what the Facebook founders make and so it isn't going to change anytime soon.

The stuff that I would love to see like things going on in a friend's life are hidden by their constant propagation of forwarded memes, pictures, sayings, political blips and ads.  How on earth can anyone possibly read most of that, let alone show a level of care.  If it was a way to keep in touch with friends about what is going on in their life, it would be great.  It is not.

So, for that reason, like others, I see the demise of Facebook at full steam.  I see little benefit to it and will miss my friends, because all too many of them have forgotten how to call or email.  I'm tired of wasting far too much of my day on this platform for little in return.  I don't wish to be a mind-numbed robot.  I'll leave that up to others to  be part of.

Facebook, if I'm making you sad, please just go post a happy thought, okay?

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