Monday, February 1, 2016

I Live My Life

Some of the things I see people do on social media makes me wonder in amazement.  I see posts where people feel that if they say "amen" or they like and share some religious post that this is what God wants and all will be good.

I see people sharing and posting stuff (or in some ways strutting their stuff) on social media as if to show just how great they are.  Maybe that is not their intent, but it sure comes across that way.  It feels fake.  It feels icky.

We show others who we are by not only our words, but by our actions.  A person that proclaims how much they love others, may be one that doesn't truly show that through their life and actions.  A person that proclaims how forgiving they are, may be one that harbors the most resentment and forgiveness of anyone out there.

We tend to portray to the world what we want the world to see, not necessarily what is in our hearts.  Sure, we can be convincing and we can shame others through our words that we are right, but that doesn't make it necessarily true.

All you have to do is watch what people share in a day on Facebook.  Are they balanced?  Are they one-sided?  Do they just do the same thing over and over, or is there depth to what they propagate and forward on.  How much do they interact with others in a personal way rather than just forwarding on every meme that shows up?

When it comes to religious stuff, I doubt very much that God is sitting up in the cloud recording who shared or liked a post or wrote AMEN.  I could really be wrong, but I don't recall reading in the Bible that thou must share and like and type amen.  I don't really think that matters too much in the scheme of things because it would seem that you would want to really make a difference.  It would seem that it would need to be more action oriented then grandstanding.

For me, I write a tremendous amount about my life.  I don't always share every side of detail of my life, but I share a great deal of it.  I try to open my life up to help others learn, rather than hide in silence.  I try to show a balance in a day.  Although I most likely fail at this just like everyone else.

I try to live my life with actions and what I do, not just with getting up on a pedestal and proclaiming how good I am, or how much love I have or that I am this or that.  I try to just do what I feel needs to be done and let those actions speak for me.  I try to stay true to my heart and my life, not a factitious facade.

There are far too many getting up and shouting every day and missing the mark.  There are far too many trying to portray one life to the world, but yet living a completely different life in private.  Isn't it time, we start being honest with ourselves, rather than being an advertisement for life?

In other words, we need to walk the talk!

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