Monday, February 8, 2016

Rules To Heal

This is a pet peeve of mine.  There are far too many individuals and organizations out there that have far too many rules to heal.  They come up with certifications and then rules about those certifications.  After that, they layer and layer more rules and procedures.

Unfortunately the healing part of their work gets buried in mounds of politics and rules and ways to make money.  It gets shut outside the door with the originators being all high and mighty that they have all the answers.

At one time, I was going through a certification program which was quite expensive and very time consuming.  I like the basics of the work, but the politics and personal mindsets that you had to endure was astounding.  You had to do things the way they said or you were not "good enough".  They didn't have to walk the talk, but you sure did as you were going through the certification process.

I just saw another case where the individual seems to be far more interested in how much money he will get from someone taking the class again, then he is with how much people might be helped and healed.  Granted the individual has some great information on food and healing, but when you think that your schedule for certification is what matters, you've lost site of the higher truth.

Healing doesn't need rules and politics.  Healing doesn't need rules that are dictated to you by other humans with egos the size of the solar system.  Healing is more than rules that are nothing other than your beliefs.

Healing is something the entire planet needs.  We should be working together and advancing this, rather than sitting back and counting the dollar bills in our pockets.  Healing is more than control.  It is more than one person's timetable and view of what it should be.

I know, I'm preaching to the choir on this one, but it really is my pet peeve.  I see people suffering and to think that legally you cannot help them because you're not certified is beyond loony to me!  I know that's harsh, but it is reality and the cold hard truth.

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