Thursday, February 25, 2016

If You Feel Like Quitting

Today I heard something which made sense.  Do you ever feel like you're at the end of your rope?  Do you feel like you can't keep going?  I know at times lately, I've felt like enough is enough and I'm saying quits!

If  you feel like quitting, it means you're getting to the point where you are discovering what it is that is holding you back.  I'm paraphrasing now, but this makes perfect sense.

After all, its that point of surrender when you see what is before you.  Its that point of being at the end of the rope, when you begin looking for another way out.  It is that moment when you stop seeing the hole you have dug, and you begin working to dig yourself out.

I've been there more times than I care to remember.  At each moment, all seemed lost.  At each moment, I felt like I just could not keep going.  I felt like quitting. I felt like giving up.

I remember thinking to myself that I had a choice to make. The choice was somehow to find a way through this, or to give up and let myself remain in the form I was in. Of course I knew deep down that if I did not make a choice, that the choice would be made for me. Hope And Possibility Through Trauma by Don Shetterly

If I look back at those moments, I can see how things unfolded after I got to that point.  It was all the stuff I could not see in that moment, but once I got past it, all became clear.

Its easy to write these things, but it is much different to really understand this when  you're in the heat of the difficult moments.  I've been there once again recently and I'm trying to hold on to the fact, that I know I've been here before.  I know that this too shall pass.

So, if you feel like quitting or if you feel like you can take no more, look closely because you most likely have found what it is you need.  You're on the right track to finding your way through it.  You've come to that point where you are seeing things in a new light or a different light.

Trust that you will find your way through it.  Yes, it may hurt.  Yes, it may not be easy.  Just know that most likely there is a reason and whatever it is that you are learning from this difficult moment, it will be revealed to you when you're ready to see it.

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  1. It does make sense that if you are nearing the quitting point that means you are also nearing the point of discovering what's holding you back.

    1. Took me a long time to understand that, but its something I heard recently and just resonated with me. All too often, I hear reasons and they really don't add up.






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