Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Stop Telling Others What To Do

I guess I'm doing in this post exactly what I'm asking others not to do.  Is that hypocritical?  Maybe it is but it isn't intended this way.  There are far too many of people in this world that are telling others what to do and it needs to stop.

People really don't like others preaching at them and telling them everything wrong that others see in them.  Its human nature and even though some may say they like this, deep down they hold in the anger and resentment.  If you look closely, you will see it.

Its kind of like leading a horse to water and forcing them to drink.  More than likely you can try to force that horse to drink water all day long and it isn't going to get very far.  If you let the horse find the water, more than likely they will drink.

In this country especially (and the entire planet), we think that everyone cannot exist until we tell them exactly what it is that we think they should be doing.  We feel that it is our duty and obligation to make known to everyone we know, just how they should think, feel, respond or act.

We tell others that they should honor and believe like we do, or they are lost and going to hell.  We don't allow them to not believe like we do and we expect and demand that they do this.  Otherwise, how will we ever live our life if others are allowed to live their life in the way them deem appropriate?

I especially roll my eyes at the people who let you know that you should think this way or that way.  Really?  What if that doesn't line up with your own beliefs or your own insights?  Unfortunately it doesn't matter to most.  They still keep pushing their agenda and wait in the tall grass to pounce upon you with their agenda.

We need to stop telling others what to do.  We need to truly close our yaps and open our ears to listen.  We will offer so much more to other people if we are there for them with open ears, not with an agenda that we exclaim with our mouth.

If you're doing all the talking, then you're not listening.  If  you're constantly telling others you know what they should do or how they should think, you're not listening.

Stop telling others what to do and let them find the truth out for themselves if the truth you offer is so great.  Guide them to what you see, but don't interfere with what they see.  You will be much more helpful to them if you stop telling others what to do.

If you are constantly telling others what they should believe or think, you're not helping them find the truth and answers for their life.  

Now, I'm climbing down off my soapbox.  Next person, please!

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