Friday, February 12, 2016

Truth We Believe In

Far too many times, we come across all that makes up our truth we believe in.  Whether it is a product, cure, device, or belief system, we latch on and embrace things which may or may not add up.  Often times, it is just nearly impossible to tell on what is truth.

Truth is repeatable.  If it can't be repeatable, then something is not clearly understood or defined.  It is okay if we can't fully define truth at this point.  The search for truth is the promising part of all we know.

Often the fast talkers are the ones that convince us to spend many of our hard earned dollars on products that will solve all our problems.  They are very good at doing this, but in the end their words may be nothing more than a foundation built on quick sand.

I cannot tell you what truth is or what product, cure, device, or belief system is absolutely correct.  This is for each one of us to figure out.  Yes, some try to do this, but if you gulp down their kool-aid, you may wake up one day to realize you're drinking flavored sugar water.

In order to help bring this out for discussion, I wrote an article on to help give some guidance for determining what is truth and what may not be 100% truth.

Go and check out the Somatosync site for the 15 Ways To Not Get Taken and see if you have any that you can add to this.  It is not that I have all the answers.

I'm just like everyone else, in that I'm trying to sort through everything that gets blasted into our conscious thought every day. The truth we believe in varies, but lets not allow it to become the only fact we understand.  Instead, let us use it to discover deeper truth for our life and humanity.

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