Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Therapy Turning Point In Life - Part 1

I've been battling exhaustion for the past few weeks and it was coming on full force for me.  It was taking me down.  I kept pushing and trying, but at the end of the day, if I wouldn't have stopped for a rest, I wouldn't have made it this far.  Physically and biologically my body could not keep up and my mind was not in a good place.

As I've been doing therapy to help counteract this and taken a medical leave of absence to regroup and recharge, I think I might have finally come to a turning point in therapy.  It hasn't been easy in therapy and it required me to find courage and strength to not give up as I went through what I needed to do.

In my latest Unified Therapy healing session with Dr Canali, we went into some of the gawd-awful places that I just wish I could avoid.  If I avoid them, they will continue to haunt me and the more I can go into them, the more freedom I will have.

My body had once again become frozen and paralyzed in the session.  I felt little and movement was like a dream.  I felt the despair.  I felt like I was seconds from passing out and all was going black.  I had no idea how to get through this.  If you want to experience fear, just watch your body go to a point of  numbness and paralysis as you struggle to move.

See, that's the turning point for me.  Its almost like I have to go back into these moments to go forward.  Consider if you were walking in a big maze and you realized that you were so disoriented that in order to go forward, you needed to go back to the starting point.  This is essentially what happens when we truly heal those gawd-awful moments of life. 

Most, if not almost all humans avoid the difficult places of healing.  Humans tend to recite mantras and lend their bodies to things that really don't do as much for healing as they think they do.  I understand because I did the very same thing for much of my life.  I can see it in others.  Its not easy either to go into this, but I know that in order to truly help others in the way I'm meant to, I need to continue diving into the deepest and darkest closets of my own life.

Through this session, I screamed the most guttural sound I have ever screamed.  It just happened.  I didn't choreograph it and it just arose from that deep place in me.  It was a sound that had been held in for eons of time .  It was a sound that had so much bodily energy locked within it.  Of course, I lost my voice for the next two days as a result.  (See "Therapy Turning Point In Life - Part 2 for the continuation of this blog post)

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