Monday, June 15, 2015

Relaxation In A Hammock

What took me so long to buy this? I don't know.  It is a question that alludes me. I once had a hammock many years ago and I loved it so much.  When we moved, I gave it away and well, I wish I would have never done that.  This hammock I bought is so relaxing.  I love it so much.

It doesn't get any better than finding relaxation in a hammock.  I mean, just see how you can sink down and let go of life and stress and those difficult moments in life as you lay in the hammock.

Your body is supported but suspended in air.  You can feel the breeze of the wind blowing by you, while listening to the birds chirp and sing.

It just gives me that moment of pause in life that I so badly need right now.  It is a time to just drift away from the stress and cares of life, knowing that for the time I am in my hammock, nothing else matters.  It is a moment where I just let go and be in the "now" of the moment.

I'm sure you can buy a hammock just about anywhere, but I bought mine on Amazon.  This one has a comfortable pad and pillow that can be attached.  It is only made for one person up to 275 lbs, but that's fine for me.  I love the one I bought and it was so easy to put together.  It fits perfectly out on my pool patio.

The actual hammock I bought pictured above is the Sunnydaze Desert Stripe Rope Hammock found on Amazon.

Now, I'm going back out to my patio and enjoy some relaxation in a hammock.

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  1. Great to read it! I used to have one when I was a child, but high school got me into a never ending rush, but today, I realized I have some spare time to lay down on a hammock again! ☺






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