Thursday, June 25, 2015

Protest Everything

Every day I keep thinking, what's next?  What is it today that I'm not supposed to use, partake in, consume, enjoy, or associate with?  I mean, every day I read all the social media posts urging me to protest just about everything in life.

If you lined up everything that someone thinks you should protest, I'm not sure I could budge out of my house.  I don't think there would be anything I could do or consume or eat or enjoy.  Someone out there would be urging people to protest said products, companies, and organizations.

Don't get me wrong here!  I realize all these causes are great and worthy.  In fact, I agree with so much of what is the reason behind the protest.  Yet, I can't help but think we're maybe going just a little too far.  We're quickly becoming a single focused entity that only sees life in a singular issue of the day.

Yes, we need to raise our voices and be heard, but when you begin belittling and putting others down that don't share your protest views, is that offering to others what you want for yourself?  Some of the messages and comments I've received on things just blows my mind to pieces.

And of course, there are the self-righteous who think that people protesting are the scum of the planet.  They get behind their right wing singular focused news programs and treat protestors as less than.  Every cause that someone cares about is a scar on being patriotic it seems.

It is great to have things you believe in, but don't let those beliefs cloud your judgement as too many do.  It is great to raise your voice, but instead of just screaming, why not try showing someone what it is that concerns you?  Why not teach someone, rather than just screaming snippets of facts that you can't back up fully?

Sometimes it seems like we just want to scream and shout, rather than seeing what productive thing we can do in our day to make a difference.  Its far easier to protest on a given day and pass social media posts along, rather than rolling up our sleeves and getting to work.  Yes, I know some do both and they have much more respect and validity in my eyes.

There are so many facets to life, but most individuals want to just see one or two issues as being all too time consuming.  Whether it is a fixation with politics or guns or food stuffs or whatever it is, we need to broaden our horizon.  We need to turn off the media (including social media) and learn to see the world through our own eyes.  When we do, we will truly be helping the world and ourselves.

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