Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Review Of Qigong Revolution Convention

When I went to the QiGong Revolution Conference, I wasn't really feeling much like going.  I was feeling depressed and just didn't want to be around a lot of people.  Yet, that's the opposite of what this event was.  I had already paid for this and I needed the CEU's, so I couldn't back out.

The first day wasn't too bad and I managed to make it through it.  I had been so exhausted in the previous weeks from too hectic of a work schedule and so many emotional moments that had hit me hard.  I was starting to get my strength back a little.

The breath work at the conference helped so much.  I think my body really needed to just increase the oxygen that was available to it.  I was depleted in so many ways and oxygen was one of those deficiencies.  I felt empowered and relaxed after the 9-breath work we did.  It was such a peaceful moment after that until too many in the audience thought clapping was an appropriate response. I know - I know - everyone responds in their own way, but the peaceful moment got interrupted. 

Then as we started doing the QiGong Level 1 Form movements, I could especially feel the tension in my arms and shoulders.  Trying to do the movements meant dealing with the pain.  Kai and Jeff at the convention talked so much about surrendering into the soreness and relaxing the body.  As Kai said, one QiGong instructor once told him "happy relax".  The more I could surrender into the pain and movement, the more I could do the movements.

Some of my most favorite moments came when Dr. Mercola spoke about sitting and nutrition and health.  I was captivated by him and didn't know who he was before today.  I will be checking out more of his information at his website, .

Listening to the food healing information is one of my favorite moments because so much of that is not taught or understood.  Let's face it - we all learned from our parents what nutrition was all about and some of us learned how to follow the food pyramid.  Yet, we didn't really learn how to eat healthy.  It is essential for us to learn (myself included).  I don't go for fads or what people "think" I should eat.  I try to do what makes sense in my mind. 

There was also another medical doctor, Dr. Claudia Gabrielle, M.D., that was interviewed and she stated to everyone that she learned more in the food based healing course at last years convention,  than she learned in all of her medical training.  She said in medical school, there was not much on how to eat the proper things (other than the standardized food pyramid stuff that everyone follows).  She told us that instead of using medications to treat people, she was turning more to food based healing practices and it is changing her practice of over 20 years.

It is interesting to be in a group of 1000 people at a seminar like this.  There were people from all different walks of life, beliefs, opinions and dogma.   Yet, I find that when I've gone to this, I get a lot out of it.  I'm going to see if I can put more of it in practice and use it as a tool in my life, so I can help others more as a result.

I started out saying how much I was not wanting to be around people when I went to the QiGong Revolution Convention, but here is the rest of the story.  I left feeling much more empowered, relaxing, and focused.  I left feeling more open to people and actually connecting to people.  I still have my uncertainties and my confusion of how I get to the next step in my own life, but at least I feel part of the universal consciousness, rather than separated from it.

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