Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Therapy Turning Point In Life - Part 2

(Continued from the blog post, Therapy Turning Point In Life - Part 1).  Since the session, I really feel the exhaustion that has inhabited and overtaken my body.  I thought I felt a little tired, but I truly didn't feel it until the session woke me up and connected me once again to my body.  It was almost overwhelming to feel all of this.

Here is what I texted to Dr. Canali the following day.

I didn't realize just how numb I was and how much I wasn't feeling the exhaustion.  I'm feeling it full force now.  Unbelievable just how far the body will go.

Can you see just what can happen?  Here I've been walking around and through my days so stressed out.  I've been on the verge of losing it and started to do that with coworkers and people I loved.  I've been on the verge of just giving up in life because I had no strength to keep going.  Yet, my body and my mind were still protecting me.  It was keeping me alive even though I continued to shred my existence.

Humans do this.  I'm not the exception.  We burn our lives up as if there is this unlimited supply.  Dis-ease and health conditions then show up and we do procedures and medications that continue to help us allude what we are doing to our lives.  We all do it.  It is the human ego and human nature that allows us to do this.

I don't believe in most medications and medical procedures because I have been shown a different way.  While it may seem that what I go through is extreme, I know that once I change the source of what is taking place in my life, the more peace and freedom I will have.  The more awakened to my life and all that is around me, I will have.  I choose not to mask things.  I choose to go into things and confront them head on so I can reclaim more of my life than I ever knew was possible.

Its too easy for us to become complacent with our days kicking back a couple of beers or taking a 2 hour vacation here and there.  It is too easy for us to become complacent with our days thinking that we need a medication or a medical procedure or a platitude or a new age healing routine.  (See "Therapy Turning Point In Life - Part 3 for the final part of this blog post)

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