Thursday, June 11, 2015

Therapy Turning Point In Life - Part 3

(Continued from Therapy Turning Point In Life - Part 2).  Please don't think I'm telling you to go and stop doing whatever it is that you're doing to make it in life.  However, I will offer a challenge to you that you seek out more than what you are currently doing.

There is healing we can find from the inside out that is more powerful than anything known to modern medical treatment today.  We just have to open our eyes and see the bigger picture.  (Please note that I'm not tearing down the medical establishment.  I just want to push them further to integrate all forms of healing).

Unfortunately, until we wake up to life, we will continue to do the things that numb us and hold the locked energy within our body.  You can't get happy long-term, just by thinking it.  It needs to come from within the cells of your body and the neuropathways that bring you to true happiness.  Too many think a mantra is all you need, but that's like trying to balance a teeter-tater with one person.

I'm doing much better now.  Yes, I'm tried and exhausted and resting.  However, I've found that place of peace and rest within myself still exists.  I had lost touch with that.  I don't want pity for where I was in the past few weeks.  I just hope that someone will read this and be challenged to live more of their own life, not what is dictated to them by the world around them.

Yes, I realize that this therapy session was a turning point in life for me.  I also understand just how much I need to change things in my life.  No longer can I allow my boundaries to be abused and no longer can I allow my life to be hurled out of control.  It is my moment to take care of myself, so I can become all I can be.  If I lose myself but gain the world, have I gained anything?  The answer is no!

On to the next chapter in my life.  This therapy turning point for me was one of those biggie moments in life.  It is my opportunity to climb further up the mountain and get a better vantage point to view much more than I can see in this moment.

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