Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Trauma Healing Bandaids

It is easy to think that you can just wave a magic wand and all will go away.   Trauma is trauma.  Trauma requires time to heal and it requires work to heal.  You can't just wish it away and think it is gone.  You can't act as if your magic wand got rid of it and it is gone.

I was reading a comment online the other day and basically the healing therapy that was being promoted is about discharging the memory that came up by bringing it to the surface and clearing the effects of the trauma.  In their view, it was like erasing a virus on a computer as it would no longer impact the person.

It sounds good to wave the magic wand and all the bad stuff in life will be gone.  If it were that simple, I would have done this years ago, but it is not that simple.  We can trick ourselves into believing it is, but then it would be giving false hope.  It is like applying a band-aid to a gushing wound and believing you have done all you need to do to stop the bleeding.

Yes, there are many therapies that can help out there and I don't want to poo-poo all of them.  However, I know firsthand that 90% of the therapy that is promoted as the cure-all and end-all to trauma, just doesn't measure up.

Trauma takes time to heal.  Depending upon the nature of it, it can take years to heal.  Trauma hides within the body and the mind and until you get enough layers healed, it will not expose itself.  I don't care how many tricks you try and think you've healed your life, until trauma is ready to be healed, it will not fully show up.  Even if you think you have it healed, it will still show you more and you will have further experiences in healing if you so allow yourself.

The problem is no one wants to go into the trenches and do the hard work.  We all want the magic want approach where we wave the wand and everything is healed.  We want it done now or at the most in a few sessions. 

I get it.  I understand.  It isn't easy to go through the process of healing.  It isn't easy to allow yourself time to heal from trauma.  I've been there.  I still am going through the process at different levels.

If you think a magic wand approach is healing,  you are doing yourself and those around you a disservice.  You are giving false hope and forcing the effects of trauma to burrow deep within the body and mind.

On the other hand, if you open up your mind and awareness to an approach that goes beyond your own short-sightedness, you will find far greater healing and peace.  Get healed quick schemes don't truly heal the whole body.  They just mask the trauma with another band-aid. 

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