Sunday, August 28, 2011

Power Of Truth

New Smyrna Beach, FL
Some days it is far easier to focus upon the unseen rather than feel what is within us.  I'm not denying that there is an unseen force in the world and around us.  I know it is there through my own personal experiences.  Unfortunately, all too often I see where the unseen or mystical side of the universe becomes the guiding force while ignoring the reality within our body and mind.

I often see people holding a truth in their hand as if they are the chosen ones with access to the power behind the truth.  It is as if the universe has come down from on high and anointed them the keeper of the flame. Actually I find it very sad that these people doing this are so locked up in the power of what the truth is, rather than reality.

There is so much around us that I believe we can tap into and is already a part of us.  I believe there is more to our world and our existence than we can currently see or we are aware.   It is readily available to all those that just open their eyes, their awareness and come to a point of purity to access it.  Abuse of the truth or power or all that is around us will only lead us to a point of disconnectedness to reality.  These things are to be respected and honored.

To illustrate this point a little further, take the existence of oxygen.  How many of us can actually see oxygen molecules floating around.  Yes, we rely on scientists to prove their existence but can we, individually, see them, identify them and know without a doubt that they are everywhere?  We do know that the absence of oxygen makes us feel lightheaded especially if we've been high on a mountain and without oxygen, we know we could not breathe.

So now, go one step further in the illustration, there are people who take this concept of oxygen and proclaim to the world that they are the only ones that can access it.  Of course, they use pretty descriptions and mind bending facts to prove that they alone can touch, feel, see and communicate with this oxygen.  The rest of us are at the mercy of this person to show us everything we need to know about oxygen and our reliance upon it.

Doesn't that sound a little silly when you think of this in terms of oxygen?  After all, oxygen is all around us and if our body did not have access to it, we would notice it quickly.  Yet, for some reason, we give ourselves up to the power of other people, so they can prove to us that which we can already experience.  All we have to do it quiet our mind, go deep within and be mindful in the moment.

These forces of the universe, whether it is psychic ability, white light, healing energy or whatever other label is used, resides within our grasp and our reach.  We are part of these things and they are part of who we are as humans.  Please don't misunderstand me that I am saying we can not learn from someone else.  All I am saying is that we can connect with the unseen by going deep within our body and mind.  The answers aren't out there in every person that claims to have them.  The answers are within our mind, our body and our awarness.

What matters, is our awareness in life.  For if we spend more time searching for the truth rather than connecting to it, what have we gained?  The more we know about our self, our mind and body, the more we are in alignment with who we are.  The more we know, the greater our ability to interact with our humanness and effect change not only in our self but throughout the world.  Hiding from our self and failing to evolve into awareness will only bring us to a dead end.  Open yourself up to your own awareness and discover all there is to know about yourself.  As you do this, a new world will be opened up to you.

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