Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Orange Cat Therapy

Anyone who is a cat lover knows just how awesome cats are! Cats are extremely important to me and most of my life, there has always been a cat around in my life. It is interesting that just last night, I was dreaming about my previous cat. I still miss her.

Fortunately, we have two cats that we got from a rescue agency a few years ago, and they are such a joy to have around the house. Actually, I'm sure if you talked to them, they would say, we are fun to have around the house. I believe they picked us out instead of us finding them at the rescue place.

One of the cats is a girl that is pretty particular about who she shares her attention with in life. When she is in that mode of wanting love or giving love, it is like her heart could melt the meanest person in the world. I still remember when I held Topanga in my hand for the first time. Those eyes looked up at me as if to say, "hi, I'm so glad we finally met."

The other cat is Corey, which you see pictured in this post. He is the orange cat and I'm sure he believes that he runs the house. He's got such a warm side to him that no matter what, he is always there with you in a room. While neither of our cats are very far from us when we are home, Corey is usually closer. Corey just seems to know when you need a little extra attention in the day or when maybe things are going rough, and he sticks close by to us. He is very perceptive and loving, and like Topanga, an awesome cat!

Cat therapy is cool though because while I often have an inherent mistrust of people, I don't doubt cats for one minute! They don't have ulterior motives and if you love them with respect, they give you ten times the love back. They listen to you when it seems as if no one really cares or wants to listen. Cats don't try to tell you what to do and force you to follow some dogma they believe. Cats just allow you to be who you are and love you unconditionally, well as long as you keep their food dish full!

Cat therapy is the best! I would be lost without cats in my life, and these two are exceptionally wonderful. I witnessed some very horrible acts against my cats growing up and I have always promised every cat that I have known, I will protect it at all costs! No one will ever hurt a cat in my presence again.

Cats are special creatures in our world and they add so much to life. So, if you're a cat lover and you have one of these special animals in your life, go give your cat a hug and say thank you for allowing you to be part of their life! The cats will appreciate it!

By the way, if your cat allows you, feel free to let them leave a comment about how special you are in their life!

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  1. I'm a dog person myself but that cat pictured is one heck of a kissable cutie pie!!!!

    Please, rescue, adopt, spay and neuter. So many cats and dogs need a home.






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