Monday, August 8, 2011

A Disciple Named Peter

Continuing from the blog post on August 2, 2011 (Life Is Too Hard For Me), I am going to enclose the words of a song I once sang in church many years ago. While I very seldom sang solos in church, this is one that I did because the words meant a lot to me.

Please note that I am in no way pushing a particular religious view of who I think God is or any manner of church belief in this post. In fact, if anything, I am far from that premise. The words in this song tell an important story of dealing through difficult times (in my opinion).

Yes, I know it talks about Lord, save me, but I think that cry is uttered by people going through difficult times, just not in this context. We all cry out hoping for answers, longing for peace of mind and finding our way through things. I believe this is what this song is talking about more than it is talking about a faith in God. If I am incorrect, I will still defer to how the words impact my life without it being a religious context.

Song Title: A Disciple Named Peter
Author: Gale Eneberg
Source: Singspiration Folk Hymnal (c) 1978

Verse 1:
A disciple named Peter once walked on the water
- from a ship on a dark stormy night,
- He walked toward the master on top of the water
- But he started to sink, and he cried out in fright.
- "O Lord, save me!" and he cried out in fright,
- For he started to sink on that dark stormy night.

Verse 2:
Then the hand of the master saved him from the water
- Who had feared both the wind and the wave
- And the Lord said to Peter, on top of the water,
- "O why did you doubt, you of so little faith?"
- You will sink if you give into doubt
- But you'll stay up on top when your faith wins out.

Verse 3:
To walk on the water, to walk and not falter
- There is one certain thing you must do
- Keep your eyes on the master and not on the water,
- Don't look at the storm or you'll start to fall through.
- Walk in faith and you will not go down;
- But if you should falter, he won't let you drown.

Verse 4:
Now, like the disciple we find in the Bible,
- You can do the impossible thing;
- But if you should doubt, you'll never find out
- All the wonderful miracles faith can bring.
- You can do the impossible thing
- And see all the miracles faith will bring!

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